“Ethno White” Design – Minimalist Apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine


June 26, 2017


White color is the basis of the interior of this metropolitan apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine – named “Ethno White”. Clean, spacious and light, it is ideal solution for a young couple with a small child.


The owners of the apartment invited the designer and architect Victoria Yakusha to create a cozy “family nest” for them. They travel a lot and lead an active lifestyle; however for the home decorating they prefer laconic and warm ethno-style.



“I love doing the interiors, in which there is only one color scheme, but a lot of textural solutions,says Victoria Yakusha. – They allow me to create a game of shades and shapes on different surfaces even in a minimalist white interior. When the design of interior is not plane and smooth, but is interspersed with some ideas, unexpected details, it becomes more interesting for me and add some character to a project.”


For example, in the hall of the apartment you will be greeted by a mosaic panel made of clay circles. All of them are different in pattern and shade, but together they make up an interesting combination that instantly catches the eye.



In the living room, one of the walls recreates the texture of the Ukrainian house “mazanka”, repeating the drawing with a special plaster based on natural clay.


In a minimalist white interior “live” pieces from artisan furniture collection FAINA such as floor lamp “Pivnich”, wash-basin “Vulyk” and the table “Shchedryy” look especially cozy. In the interior there are also lots of wooden elements, which give to a city apartment special warmth of a country house.



“My favorite room in this interior is kitchen. Its central element is, of course, a dining table with a massive clay foot from my ethno-collection “FAINA”. In the background of a minimalist design of interior of the kitchen, it looks so luxurious”, – says Victoria Yakusha, the author of the interior project Ethno White.


The atmosphere of the kitchen is also complemented by a pendant lamp “Obriy” and unusual metal chairs with fluffy cloaks.



In the master bedroom there are many surfaces with different texture, such as bare concrete, solid wood, textiles, but still they look holistically and harmoniously at the expense of a single color scheme.


A small working area is complemented by a comfortable chair “Zustrich” with a seat of felt and knitted removable back.


The main interior line was extended also to a bathroom – ethnic and minimalism. Here you can see an unusual ceramic washbasin “Vulyk”, which due to its shape and natural materials takes us back to our ancestors.



A variety to the interior is also made by the game of different textures – a matte and glossy surface alternating with wood and clay, as well as various finishes of plaster and concrete.


Ethno style brought into this interior a desired flavor, warmth and a sense of something native, familiar. Let’s agree, the interior of this apartment in Kyiv turned out so light and positive thanks to interesting details and natural materials. Everyday life in such a house will never be routine.



About the Designer

Victoria Yakusha – a Ukrainian designer and architect, the author of numerous residential and public interiors, the head of the Yakusha Design Studio. Victoria formed her style under the influence of the European understanding of architecture and design, passing an internship in France with recognized designers all over the world. Victoria creates interiors in the styles of ethno, eco and minimalism – trendy directions of world interior and product design nowadays. She is the mother of three; family for her is the #1 value and the main source of strength and inspiration.




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