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Design of 929MILANO and Plexiform meet at Light+Building

929MILANO and Plexiform by RossiniGroup introduce a rich series of new proposals that meet the highest technical and design standards, within the Light+Building.

The group encompasses all facets of the lighting world, aiming at the quality of products and at a certified production organization. Through the brand 929MILANO, founded in 2014, RossiniGroup focuses on design, thanks to the collaboration with designers. A collection of decorative lamps for home and for the contract field.


Through Plexiform, an Italian company acquired in 2012, the group proceeds with research and technology, in order to offer extremely flexible systems, with high light performance and a keen eye for design, ensuring the best in terms of light efficiency and energy saves. The proposals are directed to the architectural design, contract, office, and retail field, without forgetting the residential context.


Intra and Pavè by Andrea Lazzari

There is a new range of previously unseen products from 929MILANO, conceived by the collaboration with designers. Andrea Lazzari‘s creative thinking provides us with Intra and Pavè, two pendant lamps. In the first, the cement voluminous internal diffuser is enhanced and enriched by the lightness and transparency of the outer glass that protects it. Intra plays with the essential aluminum diffuser and the material wooden support. This later is an evocative Y-shape element, which resembles a tuning fork.

Terrazza Martini by Chiaramonte Marin 

The study Chiaramonte Marin designs Terrazza Martini, a suspension lamp that takes inspiration from the typical aperitif in Milan, in particular the Martini combined with the olive in the toothpick. Here the round shape of the blown glass sphere is combined with the essential cylinder internal diffuser. LED light, of course.

Lilium by Stefano Valente

Lilium, by Stefano Valente, is a sinuous floor lamp, elegant and refined as the flower it is inspired by. It strikes the particular shape and material of the diffuser: the Extenso® cloth, a translucent material that helps to diffuse the LED light in a uniform and refined manner.

Opera by Federica Suman

Opera, designed by Federica Suman, is characterized by an essential and yet scenographic “cage” structure.


Gioia and Besana by the Brand’s Technical Center

The brand’s Technical Center proposes Gioia and Besana. The first is a suspended lamp that plays with the reflections of the glass and the energy of colour, to furnish and decorate an environment with “Joy” (Gioia). The elegant and timeless Besana blends craftsmanship and contemporaneity: the blown glass is obtained with the artisan technique of gradation, so that the full and round volume is luminous; the upper part of the diffuser is a contemporary metal cap.


The common idea and inspiration for these various products is the desire to create emotion through the fusion of light and mater, starting from this edition of Light+Building. Moreover innovative materials and unusual for the sector as the cloth Extenzo® of Lilium are in use. 929MILANO combines aesthetic and technological research, offering a variety of products with the LED light source

LED Lighting

LED technological research is also a Plexiform goal. The brand offers technological and innovative solutions for architects, lighting designers, and professionals, in compliance with environmental regulations and energy efficiency, achieving greater luminous performance and visual comfort. Among the very new products, we have the suspended luminaire Eiffel, characterized by a central aluminum structure where the LEDs are housed. Two transparent PMMA sheets convey the light output: with a thickness of only 8mm, it is capable of producing full, smooth, and uniform lighting, up to 12,000 lumens. 


Sistema9 is a luminous module that consists of a power LED, lens, and optic in a reduced space. It can be installed in different Plexiform products to achieve an unparalleled glare factor (UGR) of less than 9.

The recessed profiles range expands with Rift which becomes an integral part of the architectural structure, delineating space and defining the spatial environment through light. It has variable and customizable measures and it’s frameless.

Tilt can spread the light and create a homogeneous and smooth beam, diffusing the light in a uniform manner thanks to its polycarbonate diffuser or enhance the texture and architectural details of the surface being lit, giving asymmetric, slanting, and vertical light.

Dinamica and Dinamica Q

The best-selling Dinamica family in the Plexiform product range has now new enhanced LED circuitry. Dinamica Q is a further development of the family: in its square and rectangular suspension formats, it provides direct diffused lighting for a working plane, a unique and continuous light output, and a neat and precise pattern without blind spots.


Plexiform outputs are increased, thanks to new LED boards. New lighting performances not only for Dinamica but also for Minivega and Ovo. The Ovo range is increased with the addition of a floor lamp: a seamless continuous light that strongly illuminates the surrounding area.

Finally, Folio is back renewed. In only 2.5 mm thickness a direct light output LED technology, a luminaire that decorates and illuminates the space. A new DALI dimmable driver allows the full LED output to be dimmed according to requirements.

This rich world is presented in a stand made up of scenic iron structures that rise from the ground at various heights, in an unusual and compelling context. The visitor will find himself in a postindustrial taste, an enclosed-open space, where each lamp is staged to be the protagonist and at the same time in dialogue with the others.



Dinamica – Create Lines, Frames, Corners of Pure Light

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