Products & Materials

Colorful Oval Lampshades for Autumn

Fermoie adds new oval designs to its range of handmade lampshades. Entirely handmade by its in-house team in Marlborough, Wiltshire with Fermoie’s familiar hand-gathered pleating. Oval lampshades are equally stylish for smaller spaces and corners, sideboards, or as a centerpiece on a console table. Oval Lampshades Offered in five sizes and 53 colorways; patterns and […]

Products & Materials

Etnia and Acustica – Lamps with Sound Absorbing Properties

Fabbian’s research continues in order to offer lighting solutions that are functional and appealing, as well as attentive to the quality of the environment by guaranteeing high acoustic comfort while respecting the environment by using recycled PET materials. Read on. After Acustica (a family of lamps available in suspension and wall versions presented in 2021), […]


Euroluce 2023 Showcases Top Lighting Design Trends

Digitization, miniaturization, electrification, sustainability, new materials, holistic thinking, and the union of decorative and technical illumination form the basis for the new generation luminaires that combine looks and functionality and are ripe for discovery at the new edition of Euroluce at Salone del Mobile.Milano. Find out more about trends in lighting design. Lighting Design – […]

Contract Furniture

Illuminate Workspaces with the Sticks Lighting Toolkit

Fusing light technology, office design, and architecture, Sticks by Arik Levy from Vibia offer a creative toolbox for integrating lighting in the workspace. Read on.    The lighting sticks rotate on their axis, thus offering unlimited options when it comes to directing a light source precisely where needed during work hours. That way, the office […]

Bedroom & Kids Room

Bedroom Design – Colors and Styles

Each of the decorative styles and color palettes has its own rules that you can follow or apply as a framework for creating your style or the combination of colors. A touch of eclecticism (mixing individual styles) can look very interesting and creative in bedroom design and decor.      It is important to mention […]

Holiday Decor

Christmas Decoration Ideas for the Kids’ Room

Shiny lights, holiday songs, decorated Christmas trees, gifts, and magic. Christmas brings many beautiful things to kids all over the world. It’s a time when imagination meets no limit and the world becomes to them a wonderland of adventures and magic. And that’s what CIRCU kids’ room furniture collection will bring to you and to […]

Eco Design

Light Emitting Diodes – LED Lighting Design Ideas

What are Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs? LED lights have been around for about 50 years, but only in the last decade have they evolved into the technological powerhouses they are now. By using about 85% less electricity than previous styles like incandescent lights, halogens, fluorescent lamps, and CFL lights, LEDs are truly making great […]


Interior Design Project – Artistic Residence in Italian Countryside

Italy is full of charm and beautiful architecture. With this interior design project, we take part in that artistic history. The interior of this luxury Italian countryside residence is an exquisite combination of classic and contemporary styles. In this private Italian residence, developed by Ukrainian interior designers Vitaliy Yurov and Iryna Dzhemesiuk, you can feel […]


Italamp Lights DayDream at Sleep – The Hotel Design Event

Sleep is Europe’s hotel design event taking place in London on 21st-22th November 2017, at The Business Centre, Islington. The file rouge of this year’s edition is “Loyalty: Lessons in Love”: hotel not as just a place to sleep, but a real experience. Brilliant hotel design creates enduring memories and guest loyalty. This idea inspired […]

Living & Dining Room

Lighting Design – How to Light Your Home

The main living space in your home can be known by several different names – the living room, lounge, or sitting room – but whatever you call it, this room has one main function, to be a comfortable space where the whole family can relax. The main living space has many uses, including reading, watching […]