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RIO for a Dynamic and Comfortable Design

Inside the collection Emporio, Calia Italia includes the new sofa RIO, a sectional model, deep and soft, conceived for dynamic and comfortable use.

sectional sofa for living room,sofa in lilac,pastel color living room,

RIO is a sectional model extremely versatile. Its rounded shape and its softest fillings make it highly comfortable in every version; from the armchair to a wide corner set.

sectional sofa for living room,sofa in white color,neutral color furniture for living room,

Its corner module has just been designed to offer a seating place not limited but capable of fully enjoying the entire seating length. Even the shape of the optional arm, thin and discrete, has been conceived to give a sense of continuity in style.

pastel color living room,sectional sofa for living room,sofa in green color,

RIO could fit into any contemporary and young living contest, thanks to its unconventional shapes and to its colors: from neutral ones to brilliant green and romantic wisteria. Twisted and soft textures for a removable cover.

High-quality materials and refined solutions are once again the trademarks of Calia Italia.

pastel color living room,sectional sofa for living room,sofa in lilac color,

Design:  Centro Studi Interno – CSI



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By Danica Maričić

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