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Cantori – Natural Essence, Mediterranean Experience and Chic Atmosphere

The Marche is full of artisan workshops that continue the tradition of the crafts and applied arts that form the very backbone of this region.

It was perhaps this fortunate geographic location, in an area with a wealth of initiative, that motivated Sante Cantori to set up his home furnishing business. The town chosen for the creation of the Cantori company in 1976 was Camerano, close to Ancona.

“Today our company has around fifty employees”, says Sante Cantori, “and industrial-style development of its structure and sales; however our mindset is still linked to the artisan workshop that takes product quality to the highest levels”. This is the ultimate goal: to make furnishings whose added value lies in the quality of the production and finish of every single article.

Thirty-seven years later, the many Cantori sales points in Italy and abroad are proof of a success that depends on a series of factors such as design, production quality control, and a wide selection of furnishings with great personality, for all the rooms in the home.

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Furniture Design – Mediterranean Experience, Natural Essence, Chic Atmosphere

The wide range of products in the catalog is divided into different collections, with three main client requirements:

  • Mediterranean experience
  • Natural Essence
  • Chic Atmosphere

Upholstery fabrics in the purest linen, and cotton, treated with natural colors; wood, and the tradition of artisan-crafted wrought iron, a study of refined modern shapes teamed with more traditional furniture and furnishing accessories to create a setting in harmony with nature but with urban ambitions.

It must be noted that Cantori has always striven to respect the environment, as testified by European certifications attained. By way of example, only non-toxic products are used for all finishing treatments. In line with this policy, all the coordinates and upholstery fabrics are natural.

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Traditionally understated colors, sienna, ochre, hemp, natural iron, marble from Capri, and coffee characterize furniture, upholstery, and also bed linen, plus vases in the white sand or lava stone hues. Colors and materials are borrowed from Mediterranean earth, light, and traditions, to create settings that suggest a sense of summery coolness and winter warmth.

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A reworking of ancient materials, rich in appeal, brought up to date with details and refined finishes, produces a luxurious mood. Bold patterns worked in metal on headboards have almost calligraphic seduction, writing new chapters for the bedroom scenario; button-tufted sofas welcome guests, and the legs of the dining tables and the backs of the chairs, in turned, curved wood, bring with them a promise of delicious food. Fine finishes, like champagne silver or gold leaf, complete the setting for a chic atmosphere.



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