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AFFRESCHI – the Wall Covering Designed by Pietro Gaeta

The FRESCO PAINTINGS project developed from a collaboration between antoniolupi and Pietro Gaeta, a designer that for years has personally researched the surfaces and the decoration for the bathroom.

This design project changed the wall in a painting thanks to a new technology, which allows transferring a drawing on a surface.

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The technology used for this project is very recent and it was refined in the last few months. The decoration is obtained through transfer paper. With this method, the pigments of the drawing in the computer seep directly through the pores of the plaster (rough cement, scratched plaster, unrefined walls, plasterboard, surfaces with visible bricks, etc.), as happens in the traditional fresco technique.

The application is simple, quick, and odor-free thanks to the use of substances based on water. After the coat of the clinging primer by qualified persons on the surface to decorate, the product takes 30 minutes to become active. Then, the decoration can be applied (a space of about 20 sqm means 8 working hours).

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The application is easy, thus the fresco paintings can be adapted to any space, from walls to ceilings, from vaults to domes.

AFFRESCHI is a sustainable project since it does not use chemical glues and does not modify the features of the surfaces where it is applied. It is transpiring, and environment-friendly, it can be used with the best paintings, lacquers, and facings available for sale.

AFFRESCHI – the Wall Covering Designed by Pietro Gaeta,

The Decorations

The AFFRESCHI collection of antoniolupi is inspired by Michelangelo’s David. A contemporary and hedonist David, a symbol of beauty,  force, and vigor. The graphics glean from collective imagination drawings, often related to the past.

The decorations presented are Flower, Strip, and Tomorrow, in different colors. Each can be custom-made and adapted to the dimensions of the wall. The collection will widen in the future with other different decorations.

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All the graphics presented are characterized by a high degree of a blend between different styles: stripes, weave, damask fabrics, brocade, Victorian decorative arts, artistic pieces typical of Renaissance, details of bright crystals, numerical matrixes, and words pronounced in the time.

All in an amalgam of figures without time, which can be adapted to any house.



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