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ZADIN – Beautiful Design Trip Inspired by Nature and Creativity

Join us on a beautiful design trip inspired by nature and creativity. In the relaxing rural landscape of Moslavina, journalists and designers from the Community of Interior Designers (ZADIN) discussed the joint contribution to the development of interior and exterior design in Croatia, the region, and beyond. Find out where to find interior and exterior designers and how our home and office design affects the quality of life and work.

The picturesqueness of the rural landscape and the architecture and interior design inspired by the cultural heritage of Croatia are excellent scenography for hanging out with the Community of Interior Designers. Namely, let’s remember that among the leading trends in design are nature (and its protection) and authentic interiors that talk about the cultural riches of a region or country (or combine design elements from many areas, countries, and continents).

seosko imanje u Šumećanima, Moslavina, Zajednica dizajnera interijera vas vodi na dizajnerski izlet inspiriran prirodom i kreativnošću,

Let’s start this design gathering by getting to know the host. The recently founded Community of Interior Designers (ZADIN) is a professional association that brings together interior designers, decorators, stylists, architects, landscape architects, garden designers, and other design enthusiasts in one place – with a focus on joint growth, exchange of experiences, talent development and promotion of interior and exterior design.

ZADIN – Design Trip to the Relaxing Rural Landscape of Moslavina, Croatia

Zajednica dizajnera interijera vas vodi na dizajnerski izlet inspiriran prirodom i kreativnošću u opuštajući ruralni krajolik Moslavine,

On June 27, representatives of the Community (Tatjana Kos, Ada Kezić, Drago Veselčić, Danica Maričić) gathered editors and journalists from partner media, taking them on a trip to the relaxing rural landscape of Moslavina, spiced with delicious snacks and wine-tasting. At the beautiful country estate in Šumećani, journalists and designers had fun at the clay modeling workshop (with professional guidance), thus creating their souvenirs and memories of this creative trip and gathering.

Tara Šitum, Nebojša Subanović, Iris Androšević Pinjuh, Dobrila Kezele, radionica modeliranja gline, novinarski izlet u organizaciji Zajednice dizajnera interijera,

The expert jury also chose the winners of the workshop. In third and second place are journalists Tara Šitum and Nebojša Subanović, and interior designer Iris Androšević Pinjuh won first place.

Dobrila Kezele, Danica Maričić, Iris Androšević Pinjuh, Diana Mikloš, radionica modeliranja gline, novinarski izlet u organizaciji Zajednice dizajnera interijera ZADIN,

In addition to the clay sculptures they created themselves and the awards for the workshop winners, the editors and journalists also brought home Croatian wood and cork products as souvenirs – courtesy of designer brands ERA Furniture and ETO Design Shop.

hrvatski proizvodi od drva i pluta – za dekoriranje doma, ERA Furniture, ETO Design Shop,

Like shaping clay sculptures, the gathered media partners formed ways of cooperation with the representatives of the Community with the aim of joint contribution to the development of design. Also, let’s mention the goal of introducing the public to the professions of interior and exterior designers in Croatia, the region, and beyond.

The Design of Our Home and Workspace Affects Us

picturesque architecture in Moslavina, Croatia, seosko imanje u Šumećanima,

Among the ways of cooperation between journalists and designers, we should highlight informing the public about the advantages that quality design brings to living and working spaces. Namely, our home and office design affects our mood, productivity, relaxation, quality of life, and work in general. In other words, the design of interior and exterior spaces communicates with us, whether we are aware of it or not.

For example, how do we choose colors that increase productivity in workspaces? How do we combine materials in residential interiors? Which design elements create the most comfortable spaces? How to position lighting in multifunctional interiors? What kind of interiors relax us the most? These are just some of the many questions to which the interior designer(s) will offer you their professional answer.

Let’s conclude… An increasing number of interior designers are working in Croatia, since clients have recognized the importance of engaging professionals when arranging residential or business premises. Where to find interior designers, you ask? We invite you to visit the Community of Interior Designers – web platform.

Zajednica dizajnera interijera ZADIN, hrvatski dizajneri interijera, gdje pronaci dizajnera u Hrvatskoj,, dizajnerski online magazin

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