Hotel Estense Design Project – Italian Hospitality Culture, Focused on “Creating Emotions”

Experience the authentic Romagna region with a contemporary, innovative, and forward-looking spirit.®, a studio specializing in artistic direction, interior, and product design in luxury hospitality, has recently redesigned the Hotel Estense. This modern and welcoming hotel is located in the heart of the seaside resort of Gatteo Mare. Discover more.

Hotel Estense Project – Design Concept Aiming to Create Memorable Experiences

Hotel Estense Project – Design Concept Aiming to Create Memorable Experiences,

With the Hotel Estense project,® steps into a context deeply rooted in Italian hospitality culture, developing a design concept that aims to create memorable experiences through a customer experience focused on “creating emotions.

To enhance the value of the stay, this experience combines Romagnole regional traditions with modern and sophisticated design.® managed some rooms and restaurant area renovations by optimizing the layout and expanding the range of proposed services. The goal is to attract a broader hotel clientele – to all those open to new experiences.

Restaurant Design Creates a Versatile Space

Restaurant Design Creates a Versatile Space,

The restaurant spans a surface area of 300 square meters. A distinctive feature of the venue is the innovative design created by®, which allows for dual use of the space.

In the evening, custom-designed furniture is transformed to display fine wine labels, with two sliding panels concealing the coffee area, which is visible during breakfast. The walls are adorned with green tiles, imparting a sense of relaxation and elegance to the environment.

Proceeding further inside, the first buffet area on the side features an original decoration of kitchen rolling pins mounted on the wall, chosen to evoke Emilia-Romagna culinary traditions and to reference the restaurant’s name, “Mattarelli.” The buffet features a show-cooking space and a counter with some refrigerated sections underneath, designed without external plates but integrated into the surface.

Mattarelli restaurant, Hotel Estense design project by®,

The restaurant offers various seating options. Next to a multifunctional area equipped with a TV screen are social tables and banquettes of different heights intended for meetings and coworking. The focus on design and functionality makes the environment versatile, welcoming, and perfect for any time of day. To complete the layout, a small grab-and-go area allows customers to assemble their lunch baskets for the beach.

The designers also redesigned the restaurant’s ceiling, incorporating wooden coffered ceilings adorned with lamps and hanging plants, giving the space a dynamic and characterful look, along with a green ambiance. The Riviera theme is highlighted by decorative umbrellas on the columns, evoking the charm of the coastal resort.

Mattarelli restaurant, Hotel Estense design project by®,

The green and sustainable aspect is also reflected in the materials chosen for the furnishings made with wood-effect laminates, produced from recycled scraps. This innovative choice promotes responsible and environmentally friendly design while enhancing the restaurant’s aesthetic, with the elegance and uniqueness that have always characterized® projects.

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Rooms and Corridors – Refined and Welcoming

Rooms and Corridors - Refined and Welcoming, Hotel Estense Design Project - Italian Hospitality Culture, Focused on Creating Emotions,

Moving to the upper floors, the interior designers renovated several rooms and corridor areas, creating refined and welcoming spaces.

The rooms, ranging from 18 to 30 sqm, feature soft and natural tones, enhanced with wood-effect elements. Each room is equipped with unique walk-in closets, inspired by the typical beach cabins of the Romagna region.

closet inspired by beach cabin interior ideas, hotel room design ideas,

The bed headboards are meticulously designed, combining wall paint with wooden inserts and wall-mounted lights. The taupe color of the headboard is repeated in the decorative bands on the ceiling and floor, creating a harmonious color scheme throughout the room. All furniture was carefully selected or custom-designed by®, guaranteeing high quality in every aspect.

Hotel Estense Design Project by®- Italian Hospitality Creating Emotions,

The bathroom design incorporates the same tiles applied in the restaurant area, with a warm and inviting terracotta color that brightens the spaces. This color choice provides a sense of continuity throughout the hotel and contributes to an intimate and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for guests seeking comfort and uniqueness.

Hotel Estense bathroom design project by®,

Special attention was also given to the corridor areas, where a theme of white and green stripes is a common thread harmoniously connecting various hotel spaces. This theme is echoed on the walls above the room doors.

The interior design project of Hotel Estense stands out for its attention to detail and meticulous selection of lighting elements, which are strategically positioned to enhance the visual effect of photos, chosen to decorate the corridors. Installed to interact with photographs by content creator Fabio Rolleri, the lights create dynamic effects in the spaces. The marine-themed photographs evoke the landscape and atmosphere, inside and outside Hotel Estense.

Hotel Estense corridor design project by®,

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Hotel Estense Design Project Overview®’s project has transformed the interior of Hotel Estense into an authentic place that invites guests to enjoy their vacation with joy, relaxation, well-being, curiosity, and interest, appreciating the present and the connections with others and the local area.

Hotel Estense guestroom design project by®,


Interior Design & Lighting:®

Project Team: Arch. Anna Manfredi, Arch. Giulia Delpiano, Corrado Conti

Project Management: Hospitality Project

Strategy: Nicola Delvecchio (teamwork)

Contract: Bonfante Contract

Art & Photo Corridor: Fabio Rolleri

Photo Credits:®

hotel room work desk, hotel estense gatteo mare,


Furniture: Custom by®

Seating: Ton

Porcelain Stoneware: Ceramica Sant’Agostino and Iris Ceramiche

Room Accessories: Smeg

Sofa Bed and Mattresses: Dorelan

Hotel Estense Design Project - Italian Hospitality Culture, Focused on Creating Emotions,® Press / OGS PR and Communication

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