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How to Create a Relaxing Bedroom with Green Color – Designer’s Ideas

Green is the color of relaxation and refreshment, and as such makes an excellent choice in bedroom design and decorating. In this article, discover interior designer’s tips for enriching your boudoir with lovely green nuances. 🙂

Tints, Tones, and Shades of Green

Green hue brings the freshness of natural sceneries into the bedroom interior in various tints, tones, and shades. Olive, lime, pistachio, avocado, mint, sage, grass, moss, forest, emerald, and jade are some of the beautiful nuances of this natural color, also known as a sight for sore eyes. Just imagine the views of a luscious garden, a rich forest, and a sparkling gem.

Color therapy experts say that this color of nature calms the mind, body, and spirit. With a green hue, create a sleeping space that helps to revitalize your body and mind.

Walls, floor and ceiling, bed, bedding, bedside tables, closet and storage furniture, dressing table, and decorative details – add a gentle touch of greenery to some or all of these design elements.

How to Create a Relaxing Bedroom with Green Color - Designer's Ideas,
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Think Green and Create a Relaxing Bedroom - Designer's Ideas,
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How to Combine Green with Other Colors to Create a Relaxing Bedroom Design

Green is a relaxing and freshening color of nature. Find out how to combine this beautiful hue to design a sleeping room for a good night’s sleep. Here are a few of the interior designer’s tips.

  • Monochromatic Scheme
  • Neutral Scheme with a Touch of Green
  • Analogous or Harmonic Scheme 

In the monochromatic scheme, combining light and dark nuances of green, and adding various textures, results in a boudoir that arouses interest and calm – at the same time. For example, color one wall in a light tone and the other in a dark shade. Or, mix and match furniture and decorations in different nuances of this lovely color.

Tints, Tones, and Shades of Green Color - Designer's Tips,
Furniture And Choice

A neutral scheme (white, black, grey, and beige) creates a cozy foundation for bedroom decor. Add a couple of green details, for instance, bedding in an olive green tone. Imagine the inviting view of the Mediterranean olive grove in your sleeping chamber.

How to Decorate a Bedroom with Green Color - Designer's Ideas,
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Colorful trio – blue, blue-green, and green, or green, green-yellow, and yellow – paints an analogous or harmonic color scheme that designs a relaxing bedroom. Here are a couple of design ideas. Green walls and furniture, green-yellow and yellow decorative details. Green walls, blue furniture, blue-green accessories.

Wallpapers Illustrate the View of Nature

How to Create a Relaxing Bedroom with Green Color,
Elizabeth Ockford / The French Bedroom Co.

A garden or forest view is a natural way to bring the refreshing effect of outdoor greenery indoors. You can also illustrate this enchanting view by placing a wall art or wallpaper with the motifs of flowers, and plants. In other words, create a bedroom interior with a calming view and a relaxing color palette of nature.

Green and Cozy - Designer Ideas for a Relaxing Bedroom,
Elizabeth Ockford / The French Bedroom Co.

Decorative Details to Create a Playful Bedroom Space

Decorative details are the “cherry on the top” of every stylish interior. Whether you are designing your new sleeping room or wish to add a few refreshes to the space you have been enjoying for years – decorative accessories can enrich the design and make it even more functional and playful.

Green and Relaxing Bedroom Décor - Designer's Ideas,
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Stylish fabrics add softness to the interior. The feeling of softness to the touch is especially welcome in the boudoir design. For instance, bed upholstery, bedding, and decorative pillows in neutral and green tones create a cozy space. Round this decorating story with matching curtains and drapes, and the fabric scheme is set.

Green Color Creates a Relaxing Bedroom – Designer’s Ideas,
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Wall decor comes in the form of wallpapers, paintings, photos, posters, and mirrors – to name a few of the many artistic options. Calming natural landscapes, inspirational messages, and endearing family photos are among the best wall art ideas for the bedroom.

Lighting fixtures are an essential element of the functionality of every room, as well as a beautiful addition to the decor. Lamp design can blend in with the decor or stand out as a star of the show – the choice is yours. Place them, for example, on bedside tables, or above the bed headboard, for your reading pleasure.

Boxes, big or small, complement the storage space – needed in every interior. However, beautiful boxes also have an essential role in the decor. Find out more in my article Designer’s Ideas – Decorating with Boxes.

On top of the previously mentioned accessories, there are vases, sculptures, and candles. All of these decorative details play a stylish role in the bedroom design.

Romantic Chic in the Color of Love

Rich green velvet bed upholstery, matched with romantic and feminine shapes of furniture as well as floral decorations. Romantic nest is set – in green, the color of love.

green color combination palette,bedroom decor in green,interior design tips for bedroom,color palette for bedroom ideas,green home decor ideas
The French Bedroom Co. (also in the cover photo)
interior design tips for bedroom,color palette for bedroom ideas,green home decor ideas,green color combination palette,bedroom decor in green
The French Bedroom Co.

The green color evokes lush forests, beautiful gardens, charming olive groves, tropical islands, and sparkling gems. Enjoy refreshing your bedroom with this lovely color. 🙂

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