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Designer’s Ideas – Decorating with Boxes

Discover interior designer’s ideas about decorating with boxes and creating a place for your herbs and plants, books, artwork, home décor.

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Boxes are a creative way to make your home more functional and decorative – from the entrance area in the apartment or house to all the other indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you are looking for a storage solution for the books and office files in the living room and home office or a place for your plants and herbs – think about the box.


Entrance Area – Box Wall Shelves

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When designing an entryway or a hallway, creating box wall shelves is a decorative and practical way to ornate the walls of these usually small interior spaces. This way, you create a playful storage solution and a place for the potted plants. If an entryway and a hallway are small, you can make them appear larger by coloring them in light and cool colors. Also, place boxes that are in the same color as the walls. The box shelves will “blend in” with the walls, and the small interior space will look larger.


Living Room and Home Office Storage Ideas

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Box-wall shelves are a great match for the living room design. This practical wall décor can be a home library or a place to exhibit the artwork. Place the box shelves above the sofa or an armchair and create a cozy reading spot. Add a coffee table and a lighting fixture to the design, and a creative home library is set.

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If you are working from home and looking for a way to store the office files and supplies, boxes, like the ones in the photo, are a practical and decorative storage solution for your home office. Place them on the wall, on the work desk, on a shelf next to the desk. Choose boxes in different colors for a more playful home office décor.


Bedroom – Nightstand Box

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Bedside furniture and nightstands come in many trendy forms. As a cabinet, as a table, as a wall-mounted shelf or drawer, as a bench, as a box. The nightstand box holds your favorite books and creates a trendy bedroom design.


Kitchen Herb Garden

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Planting an herb garden in the kitchen is a practical and trendy way to keep the cooking herbs at hand. By choosing the planter box that fits the style and the colors of your kitchen, the herb garden becomes a stylish addition to the kitchen décor.


Terrace and Balcony

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Whether you are designing an urban rooftop terrace or a small balcony, a decorative box can play many roles in the design. It can be a planter box, a stand for potted plants, a coffee table for an outdoor living room.  


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