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Modular Sofas Bruce, Designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

Modularity, lightness, and new comfort in the collection of modular sofas Bruce, designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba for Zanotta.

“To conceive a “Zanotta 2.0” home we need research, study of the company’s roots and of the cultural and production Dna. But not: in our opinion, we should find a blend with the past being able to look ahead. The connection with the rich story of Zanotta is inevitable, we must start from there.” So Roberto Palomba starts telling his course that lead to the design of Bruce, a range of padded elements both elegant and comfortable, which are one of the best-sellers of the 2013 collection. This series offers many solutions as regards padded elements with various depths, including monobloc, modular sofas, lounge armchairs, and pouf, featuring double cushions and die-cast aluminum feet.

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Iconic Themes of the Historical Upholstered Pieces from Zanotta

“This project reminds some of the iconic themes of the historical upholstered pieces from Zanotta, particularly the “mood” of the sofa Milano designed by De Pas-D’Urbino-Lomazzi in 1982. It can be found in the side profile, in the flat line of the upholstered frame and in the seating cushion “marked” by the sewing that highlights the seating places. Practically the upholstered seat is made of a single cushion with stitching that parts it in different sections. Another distinctive element lies in the aluminum feet that – compared to the common sofas where they match with the exterior border – recede the seating corner and provide a “suspension” effect to the padded elements, emphasizing the light aesthetics.”

Bruce has a steel frame with elastic strips suspension and upholstery made of graduated polyurethane/Dacron Du Pont like the seating cushions. The comfortable back support is provided by the cushions. The removable cover can be in the fabric. The feet can be nickel-plated glossy black or black painted in addition to the polished aluminum alloy.

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Customizing the Living Room

Matching the sofa range, a series of decoration cushions allow customizing the living room. “For these cushions, we designed a textile collection thinking about a “melting pot” of fabrics, decorations, and patterns that we love the most” Ludovica+Roberto Palomba explains. “The ancient African tapestries, the textiles of French tradition, the canvas from Holland… everything mixed up with some patterns from Zanotta universe like the unforgettable one of the Quaderna range.”

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