Designer Furniture for Stylish Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Area

From the outdoor kitchen design to the collections of dining tables and chairs, designed by talented furniture designers Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, Nicola De Pellegrini, Ramon Esteve, Marco Acerbis, and Cristian Visentin, enjoy these stylish settings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the open air of your home – garden, terrace or balcony.

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The desire for enjoying relaxing outdoor activities is always present, and design can contribute to creating comfortable and safe spaces where you can cook and have breakfast, lunch, and dinner together in the open air.

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The Italian high-end outdoor furniture brand Talenti presents stylish settings to make a terrace, garden, or patio special and elegant. Creative and eclectic kitchen ideas, glamorous and welcoming dining tables and chairs, signed by famous designers such as Ps+a Palomba Serafini Associati, Ramon Esteve, Marco Acerbis, Nicola De Pellegrini, and Cristian Visentin. As a couple, family and, when possible, with friends, prepare delicious meals, taste the flavors, and relax surrounded by the designer spaces.

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Here are the details of the furniture collections:


Tikal – Outdoor Kitchen Design

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This first kitchen line for the outside area is designed by the Italian architect Nicola De Pellegrini of the Anidride Design Studio. The design of this outdoor kitchen is inspired by the imposing architecture forms of Mesoamerican cultures. Tikal has a structure in Zinc Magnesium steel and aluminum (Magnesite), with special outdoor coatings suitable for high temperatures. The materiality of the top is given by the large stoneware slabs with a concrete effect and modular structures. The size of the modules allows you to create compositions of 160×95 cm or 240×95 cm, up to the most complete of 360x95cm with the addition of the lateral top.


The Cruise Collection Recalls Nautical Inspiration

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The Cruise collection brings to mind the sea and sailing. Also, it’s another step forward in the search for different and multipurpose forms and combinations of materials. In recent years, Talenti has invested heavily by betting on work collaborations with renowned designers such as Ludovica and Roberto Palomba and implementing the presence of this Italian high-end furniture brand on the world market.

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After the inauguration of the first showroom in Milan, Italy, in the previous year, the new and futuristic production site in Umbria is on the way to arrive, where the added value will once again be the human factor. Their designer products are treated down to the smallest detail and the new headquarter will further emphasize this perennial pursuit of perfection.


The Panama Collection – Natural Inspirations

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The Panama collection, designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, has new stylish members – the elegant stool and the fresh coffee table which complement a family also made of outdoor dining chairs, lounges, sunbeds, poufs, and sofas. These designer furniture pieces are made by weaving the rope on the structures and giving life to games of light and shadow that are created when the Sun’s rays cross the plot. In particular, the organic profile of the chaise longue recalls stones smoothed by water, adding a strong reference to natural lines of the collection.


The Casilda Collection – High Range Minimalism

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Casilda, designed by Ramón Esteve, is an entire family of designer products, diversified and enriched with new and interesting furniture pieces and colors. In the beginning, the product collection included a modular sofa, armchair, ottoman, lamps, and tables; nowadays, a cot and dining chair also ‘joined the club’. The mentioned pieces are made by combining different materials such as stainless steel, marble, and wood. The fabric, Dolcevita (“Sweet Life” in the Italian language), is combined with a fashionable style that is confirmed, seductive, and conveys a feeling of lightness typical of the outdoors. Here is also an additional chapter for colors – with the introduction of the graffiti color that adds to the tones of brushed dark brown, brushed gold, white, mottled brown or mottled dove gray.


The Alabama Collection – Sophisticated Comfort

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The Alabama furniture collection, designed by Marco Acerbis, shows the result of a complex and meticulous entirely manual work. The refined trait of Italian design and the nobility of the artisan tradition: this synthesis gives life to the stylish collection that dresses up with different materials to create a perfect bond with the design context that surrounds it. A sophisticated and contemporary model with comfortable seats that can satisfy every need for space and style.


The Moon Collection Brings Functionality and Chic

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Designed by Cristian Visentin, Moon is characterized by contemporary lines enriched by soft padding in the tones of gray that go well with any type of furniture. A chic and intriguing outdoor furniture collection that sees in the dining armchair, both in the version with the teak and aluminum structure, a functional protagonist combined with the dining table to give life to a light setting that’s resistant and strong at the same time. 



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