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When Wallpaper Means Protection – EQ Dekor

From a partnership between Inkiostro Bianco and Mapei comes a revolutionary covering: EQ Dekor, the dual-function wallpaper for both protection and decoration with the dual application for walls or floors.

EQ Dekor is much more than a simple wallpaper. Paired with the creativity of Inkiostro Bianco’s designers and artists – who turn each wall covering into a little work of art – are structural characteristics that minimize the risk of parts of the walls detaching during earthquakes, consequently lengthening the evacuation time of buildings.

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EQ Dekor is based on the innovative patented MapeWrap EQ System, a high-performance product by Mapei with all the requisites for outstanding efficacy in the event of seismic activity.

A bidirectional glass fiber fabric cladding – called MapeWrap EQ Net – applied using a strong-holding single component water-based adhesive – the so-called MapeWrap EQ Adhesive – guarantees excellent performance. Greater stability, extreme efficacy, extreme lightness, and structural flexibility are just some of the benefits that this new Mapei system offers.

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The simple use and basic application procedure allowed by the MapeWrap EQ System make EQ Dekor a highly functional product. After spreading an initial layer of EQ Dekor Adhesive onto the pre-existing plaster, the EQ Dekor fiber cladding can then be applied to prevent the collapse of the secondary partitions.

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Creatively interpreted by Inkiostro Bianco, and decorated with a range of 60 charming graphics and flourishes conceived by eminent designers and artists who continuously collaborate with the company, the Mapei system has been transformed into the EQ Dekor collection, an intriguing and eclectic. 

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