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Retro-Style-Inspired Bathroom Ideas – Swing, Beam, Flûte

The Florentine design company Ex.t launches the Swing collection by the Fantolino studio. This designer bathroom collection is inspired by music and the washbasin and bathtub designs from the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s.
Debut appearances are also made by the Beam bathtub by Sans Nom and Studio Salaris and by the Flûte mirror by Samuel Wilkinson. Have a look at these retro-style-inspired bathrooms. 


“It don’t mean a thing (if it ain’t got that swing)”. The words taken from the Duke Ellington song, dated 1931, indicate the hidden spirit that vitalizes Swing – the new bathroom collection conceived by designer Fabio Fantolino for Ex.t and previewed at the 60th Edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy.
A designer collection that aims to translate the shapes and charms of the retro styles into the contemporary design language, alternating broken lines, and curves.

Swing Bathroom Collection – Rhythmic Swings of Contemporary Living

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Once again, the Florentine design company confirms its attention to the details, versatility, and practicality of furniture accessories that make up its collections. Swing is no exception.

Timeless materials, such as wood, combined with the presence of items in LivingTec, create a dynamic and expressive feel to the bathroom setting.
Features that the Italian brand has always sought, to foster an increasingly up-to-date idea of the bathroom that can evolve and change by following the rhythmic swings of contemporary living.
The new designer collection is dedicated to those who always seek innovation, beauty, and style for the home interior. For instance, bathtub design reinterprets lines and shapes from the early 1900s – styled in a contemporary and practical version.

Recalling Retro Styles and Moods

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The trendy bathtub gets its stylish inspiration from the early metal bathtubs, offering a modern-style interpretation of the earliest tubs from the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s. The traditional bathtub feet are presented in wood with a spherical form.

The design of the units with countertop washbasins gets its cue from old-style wash tubs, whose forms are stripped away and harmonized to make them more up-to-date. These items have been designed in single and double versions.

The mirror, shelf, and accessories draw on the colors, materials, and formal features found throughout the collection.

The materials used, such as oak and colored LivingTec© have a contemporary look that fully contrasts with the retro inspiration.

The color has been conceived to break the rules that usually determine the design of this interior space: via an interpretation that starts from the analysis of trends in other home interiors, the same compositional logic has also been adopted for the bathroom. The opportunity to match colors such as ochre yellow, forest green, dusty light blue, and off-white with walnut tones means you can play with the details, customizing products in countless combinations.

Recalling retro styles and moods brings to mind the elegance of bathrooms from the past, so as to make a bathroom proposal with a contemporary feel, adapting it to the latest needs and trends in contemporary design.

Architect Fabio Fantolino

Fabio Fantolino is a designer and architect. He founded his studio in Turin in 2001 and opened a second in Milan in 2014. His projects range from architecture to interior design, residential sector to services, and in recent years he has embraced product designing as a designer or art director, launching a number of partnerships with large companies.

The desire to design customized project solutions as well as items that may potentially reach everyone – originates from that solid, recognized culture of bespoke design. All his designs feature a strong aspect of identity, arising out of his creative sensitivity and vast knowledge and understanding of international design.

Over the years, his studio has achieved a balance of trends, designs, and techniques, essential ingredients in architecture that measures and mixes on a daily basis to achieve exclusive and exemplary results. Fabio’s services are always evenly gauged between aesthetics, customer requirements, and his own personal interpretative and design capacity.


Beam Bathtub by Sans Nom & Studio Salaris

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This compact, cozy yet generous bath – the Beam bathtub, designed by the Sans Nom and Salaris studios – features a base with strict lines that draws its inspiration from the metal architectural profiles, and contrasts with the soft lines of the body in LivingTec.
The base it rests on is the element that symbolizes the character of the bathtub.

The various combinations of materials, colors, and finishes provide an ever-innovative and trendy visual appeal that can be adapted to any bathroom, both in the home and in contract settings, such as hotels.
In addition to its general visual appeal, the way the base is designed allows the bathtub’s technical elements to be hidden from view. This makes the bathtub suitable for placement in the middle of the room or along a wall.

Made of painted metal, the tray provides practical support to enhance one’s enjoyment at bath time. This is further enhanced by a special housing for the soap-holder stones and a metal hook on which you can hang a bathrobe or towel.

About Sans Nom / Studio Salaris

Sans Nom is a creative studio with a deep-rooted focus on product design. Its work takes a radical approach and aims to discover hidden everyday details bringing their poetry into objects of use and research. An exploration and redefinition of shapes characterized by a strong conceptual approach, balanced with meticulous research for effortless functionality. Its founders, driven by a profound passion to create objects, choose not to sign with their names to underline the importance of their objects to speak in a pure form.

Studio Salaris calls upon a powerful and contemporary language to provide creative consultancy for companies interested in communicating their high aesthetic value. The ambition is to deliver customized support to help clients achieve an aesthetic expression of their brands. The mission is to give a personal and recognizable contribution that enhances the clients’ story and core values.

From the combination of the two studios arise experimental projects.


Flûte Mirror by Samuel Wilkinson

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A mirror design embracing modern and classic styles at the same time. The minimal lines combined with classic proportions and modern details give life to a mirror piece with strong yet silent features.
With a slim profile that hides its real depth, Flûte appears to float on the wall. The double beveled-mirror doors open to reveal a generous cupboard inside, offering ample space for most storage needs.

The name Flûte refers to the rib of the glass details found above and below the mirror. These glass tubes provide warm, diffused lighting for the person looking at the mirror, while the intensity is stronger against the wall.

About Samuel Wilkinson

Samuel Wilkinson’s commitment to designing interesting objects is apparent in his work, always looking to add a fresh dynamic approach in either form or function.
His deep understanding of materials and manufacturing helps him to push the boundaries whilst still achieving a high level of detail and craftsmanship. Samuel Wilkinson graduated in furniture and related product design at Ravensbourne College of Art & Design in 2002. While at Ravensbourne, Wilkinson won several design awards, including the RSA award and D&AD New Blood.

After working for 5 years for leading consultancies, he set up his eponymous studio in 2008. The studio’s work diversifies across various disciplines from small consumer products to large public projects. Samuel’s work has been published worldwide and has won numerous awards including two of the highest honors in design, Design of the Year from the London Design Museum and the Black Pencil from the D&AD.

His work is featured in permanent collections of some of the most regarded museums including the MoMA, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Collection, The Art Institute of Chicago, and the Design Museum in Helsinki.


Ex.t Flagship Store in Via Tortona 34, Milan

The Ex.t showroom is a place designed to describe the essence and identity of the Italian brand, which now finds its most effective and genuine permanent expression inside an industrial complex. The architectural structure features a division of the internal spaces that reflects the original structure. The main design aspect is the contrast between light and shadow: a large, bright space where semi-transparent glass and marble fittings emphasize the lightness of products and more private spaces, where a theatrical atmosphere has been created with the application of bold colors.

Ex.t Press



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