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3 Color Tips – Introducing Green into the Living Room

With the ongoing love of botanicals and nature-inspired interiors, green is one of the trendiest colors this season, and rightly so. Victoria Atkin, from UK brand Atkin and Thyme, shares three design tips on how to introduce the green color crush into the home interior.


  • Pick the Perfect Spot
    “Add a spot of green to areas where it can best reflect the tones of Mother Nature, such as bay windows. It will draw the eye while seamlessly linking the indoors with the outdoors. Alternatively, add it to windowless rooms such as bathrooms to lighten and expand the space.”
  • Pick Purposefully
    “Use the color with purpose. Green is in its element when placed in bright south-facing rooms; effortlessly creating an ethereal look. When adding it to a darker, north-facing room or those with a blueish hue, opt for warmer tones with complementary contrasting colors, such as deep purples, to create a sophisticated feel.”
  • Small Statements
    “If you’re not ready to paint the walls or invest in a larger piece, try a smaller statement such as an emerald green footstool. Complement this rich jewel hue and add a touch of luxury with plush velvet and metallics.”



Emmeline Olive Green Velvet Armchair

The stylish Art Deco look of this cane and olive velvet armchair (in the cover photo), with its curvaceous cushions and arms and contrasting colors and textures, is a lovely addition to the living room, bedroom, or open-plan interior. Furnish a soft-looking reading corner that longs to be sat in, and settle in for the night with your favorite book. This trendy olive velvet armchair would also look stunning in a dressing area.


Calvin Armchair in Olive Velvet and Linen

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Sit back and relax in the ergonomic comfort of this trendy armchair in olive green velvet and linen. This mid-century style design chair fits elegantly into a cozy reading corner in the living area, home office, or bedroom. The olive green velvet offers both comfort and style, with a matching button back and contrasting natural linen base. The sleek wooden handles have an elegant sweeping curve design, while the contoured legs are both sturdy and stylish. This armchair in olive velvet is suitable for both classic and contemporary interiors.


Carnaby Footstool in Emerald Green Velvet

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The key interior trends for the season ahead take their cue from the catwalk and include rich jewel colors and deep plush velvets. Therefore, this footstool, dressed in emerald green velvet, is a fashionable choice for a finishing touch to the living area or a bedroom redecorating.

Atkin and Thyme Press / Simpler PR



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