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Celebrating Inspirational Women Worldwide – 5 Educational Products

Find out more about amazing women and their contributions to the world. Have a look at these five educational products.


Women Artists: Images of Nature

Women have made significant contributions to natural history art, science, and education. This stunning educational collection celebrates the work and lives of women artists from the 17th century onwards. The artistic collection is illustrated with a selection of exquisite artworks held in the Library of the Natural History Museum in London, UK.

The book “Women Artists: Images of Nature” (in the cover photo) features specially selected artworks by creative women from the seventeenth century onwards. There are fine butterfly drawings by accomplished natural history illustrator Margaret Fountaine, vivid illustrations of Indian natural, cultural and social history by Olivia Tonge, and detailed bird images by Elizabeth Gould, who married highly regarded ornithologist John Gould and produced over 600 illustrations for her husband’s publications. Featuring celebrated artworks and rarely-seen gems, this book serves up a visual feast of the never-ending wonders of the natural world and the significant role that women have played in observing and documenting it.


100 Women That Changed the World

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Be inspired by 100 of the most influential women of all time. Seize the day. Be the girl who goes for it. Be the one who doesn’t stop and won’t stop till she reaches her goals! And if you need some additional inspiration, you might find it in these stories.

Featuring the stories of amazing women like Oprah Winfrey, Rosa Parks, and many more, this collection from Yellow Octopus is here to help you discover your spark so you can get out there and influence the world with your creative ideas.

From ground-breaking DNA research to fighting climate change, these intelligent and powerful women are here to demonstrate what girl power really is.



Ridley’s Games Inspirational Women – Playing Cards

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Enjoy a classic card game while learning about the achievements of amazing women from around the world. This playing card set from Chronicle Books contains 54 beautifully illustrated cards featuring a different inspirational woman on each card.


Phenomenal Women – Discussion Game

educational games with playing cards,influential women in history,find out about powerful women,

Get the conversation flowing, and open your eyes to fresh perspectives with this intellectually engaging and thought-provoking card set by Talking Tables. This discussion game explores the lives of inspirational women who made their mark through history.

Each card features a hand-drawn illustration, a three hints game, facts, and a point of discussion around an incredible woman. A great addition to any book club or evening with friends and a fun way to find out more about these amazing women.


Who Run the World – Poster

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A contemporary style poster with the text “Who run the World?”. The poster from Poster Store is a trendy illustration of Beyoncé Knowles’ hit “Who Run the World” and illustrates 32 of the world’s most inspiring women in colorful illustrations. The illustrations of these famous women include inspirational figures like Michelle Obama, Audrey Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe. The background is a soft pastel pink tone allowing for a clear contrast to bring across the powerful message.



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