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Top 10 Home Interior Design Projects in 2021

Find out how to freshen things up in 2021 and tackle some home decorating projects that will bring new life to your indoor and outdoor spaces.


If you’re like most people, staying home in 2020 allowed you to get very familiar with every element of your interior design. And if you’re like most people, you’re ready to freshen things up in 2021 and tackle some home projects that will bring new life to your spaces. Rethinking and revitalizing your home’s design style can have a huge impact on the look and mood of your interiors. Here are some easy home updates to try this year.


Change your wall color.

One of the best ways to create maximum effect with minimum effort? Paint your walls. Warm colors are a key home design trend right now and they set a bright, inviting tone for your room. Pantone picked a vibrant yellow as one of its colors of the year, pairing it with a neutral dove gray for a striking combination. Other options: peacock blue and black or a citrusy orange and cream. Feeling really adventurous? Choose a patterned wallpaper or dramatic wall mural instead.


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Get new window coverings.

The right window treatments absolutely change the look of a room. There are countless options out there, many of which you can customize with your choice of colors and fabrics, as well as amenities such as motorized operation you can program from your smartphone. Roller shades are a streamlined choice that works well with any design style, shutters add a traditional element with an updated twist thanks to stylish stain and paint colors, and drapes add drama and a sense of elegance.


Convert your spare room.

In the previous year, the spare room became a makeshift office for people who suddenly had to work from home. If you’ll continue working remotely, invest some time and design energy into the interior space. Find a comfortable chair and a desk that’s both fashionable and functional. Hang some art on the walls to inspire you, and purchase some unique table or floor lamps to illuminate the space. Back in the office? Make the spare room your dream space and turn it into a well-appointed guest room, home gym, or creative crafting room.


Cook up something new for your kitchen.

Kitchen remodels are typically a major undertaking. New appliances, countertops, and cabinets can cost thousands of dollars and take weeks or even months to complete. You can still change the look of this room without the huge outlay of time and money. Repainting your kitchen cabinets is an easy home update that makes a big difference – imagine going from a honey-colored oak to bright white, for instance. Or choose a distinctive color that ties in with the interior design throughout the rest of your house, such as aqua or sage green.


Add international style touches.

Bohemian design style has been popular in recent years, and its embrace of eclectic, global influences is a big reason why. Unique objects from around the world add bohemian flair and reflect your aesthetic viewpoint through the creative use of pattern, color, and texture. Perhaps you’ll showcase your collection of textiles or ceramics you’ve gathered during your travels. Or maybe your favorite home store carries a variety of imported goods. Whatever the sources, look for rugs, art, vases, plates, and other decorative objects you can add to a room. Showcase a singular piece on its own, or group a collection on a credenza, mantel, or bookshelves.


Go green – literally.

Bring nature indoors through the use of plants. The greenery creates a relaxed, calming environment and you can tie in your design style with the choice of pots or containers. Place a large plant or a small tree – such as the bamboo palm, fiddle-leaf, or dragon tree to add visual interest to an empty corner of a room. Plants that don’t need much light, like a philodendron or spider plant, are a lovely touch on a fireplace mantel or wall shelf. Or create a delicious harvest of herbs like basil, sage, and rosemary planted in pots on your kitchen windowsill. If gardening isn’t in your skillset, simply swap out real plants for faux greens.


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Create a bedroom sanctuary.

When’s the last time your bedroom had a makeover? There are a number of design tricks you can use to create a soothing, peaceful ambiance. Cover your bed in crisp, classic white sheets, adding color with a tasteful duvet color and decorative pillows. It may be time to replace your old bedroom set – changing out a traditional four-poster for a modern platform bed, for instance – or makeover the bed you have with a canopy or bed curtains. Add a comfy rug that warms the floor on cold mornings or a chaise for reading and relaxing.


Marry the old and the new.

Everything old is new again with “granny-core” and “cottage-core” interior design styles that blend vintage and contemporary to create a homey aesthetic. Capitalize on this home design trend and embrace transitional interiors, which draw on traditional, modern, and contemporary design elements. Pair your grandparents’ coffee table with a new, sculptural sofa. Or transform a flea market find such as an antique wall mirror by painting the frame in an of-the-moment color such as turquoise. It’s an effective way to individualize your interiors. 


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Make your outdoor spaces an extension of your indoor spaces.

Interior design doesn’t have to be limited to your interiors. A porch or yard can be an extension of your home that draws people in and serves as a gathering place. Installing outdoor kitchen set-ups with a built-in barbecue, sink and mini-fridge create the ideal venue for entertaining. Or turn a porch into an outdoor living room with furniture sets, small tables, and rugs; add a portable fire pit and throw blankets to stay warm on chilly nights. For a meditative retreat space, put a porch swing or comfortable bench amid the flowers of your garden.


Add beauty with art.

You’ve updated your interiors with innovative home projects, but there’s one last step towards making your home a true work of art. Artwork is an expression of who you are, something that brings you joy every day. There are so many choices out there: paintings, fine art photographs, sculptures, glasswork, mixed-media works and so much more. Galleries, art festivals and sales, local artist collectives, and even university art programs are all potential sources to scour for that just-right masterpiece for your home.


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Photo – Gil Walsh Interiors


Why wait? Start thinking about your dream interior design, and apply one of these easy home updates to turn that dream into a reality.


Alan Weiner, COO of Elegant Strand

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