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Porcelain Tiles Inspired by Wonderful Places and Distant Lands

Discover Blended Collection – porcelain tiles that combine rock, stone, and sand originally, translating them into the fluid wall and floor surfaces that present ever-changing decorative motifs.


Memories of a sight-seeing journey to distant lands, the dream of exploring new horizons, discovering the unexpected wonders of nature, and the amazing sceneries. A juxtaposition of signs and shades tame exotic suggestions and distill these inspirations, conveying sensations of authenticity, purity, and refined simplicity. The gaze traverses spaces, the mind flies fast as it reminisces about the allure of uncontaminated places.


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Exploration of the territories and in-depth analysis of natural stones, in various forms and surprising variants. These are the key steps that Ceramiche Refin has undertaken to develop the new Blended ceramics range. From the skillful selection of different stones, with diverse origins and characteristics, this Italian tile manufacturer has created a porcelain tile collection in which inspiring materials blend together to form the hybrid floor and wall surfaces, made unique by overlapping signs, shades, and soft material effects.


The Earth’s markings and tones come together in an original material inspired by wonderful places and distant lands, encouraging the discovery of new horizons. Blended porcelain tiles combine rock, stone, and sand originally, translating them into the fluid wall and floor surfaces that present ever-changing decorative motifs.


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Combining Different Textures

The delicate veining of the Burgundy stone, reminiscent of Gothic architecture, lends timeless elegance and natural charm. The graininess of quartzite, created by the power of Nature that gave birth to the mountains, shines through from time to time, injecting intensity and dynamism. The warm tones typical of Middle Eastern rocks emerge here and there, injecting personality into indoor and outdoor space. The composition is balanced and harmonious thanks to the elegance and simplicity of limestone, which pairs with the precious sources of inspiration for this tile collection. The collection originally combines all these different textures, more or less pronounced, to obtain a sustained, yet balanced rhythm.


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A new Italian design product, with a natural style that tells the charm of natural materials, with a language that speaks of harmonies, balanced contrasts, and sophisticated textures. In Blended tile collection, soft material effects interpret rocks, stones, sands, translated into the fluid wall and floor surfaces. Thanks to sophisticated color shading, textures overlap in a delicate equilibrium for a balanced composition.


Blended porcelain tiles come in five natural color tones (White, Beige, Natural, Grey, Dark) that recall the warm and cold tones of the Earth colors. These decorative tiles come in multiple formats that allow various laying solutions, even outdoors. The range is complemented by a 3D wall that conveys sensations of naturalness and offers a sophisticated solution for lighting up vertical wall coverings with majesty


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Porcelain Tiles That Fit Any Design Context – Indoor and Outdoor

Great fit for any design context, floors, and walls of private or public spaces. Blended product collection crosses the border between indoor and outdoor spaces. These tiles offer the possibility of designing new scenarios in interior projects that increasingly draw on and touch the outdoors.


The style of natural rocks, stones, sands: the porcelain tile collection embodies the expression of multiple materials and territories. Tiles meet a global taste that integrates them into the contemporary architecture and interior design trends on an international level.




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