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Porcelain Tiles Inspired by Wonderful Places and Distant Lands

Discover Blended Collection – porcelain tiles that combine rock, stone, and sand originally, translating them into the fluid wall and floor surfaces that present ever-changing decorative motifs.   Memories of a sight-seeing journey to distant lands, the dream of exploring new horizons, discovering the unexpected wonders of nature, and the amazing sceneries. A juxtaposition of […]


8 Aviation-Inspired Décor Ideas

Discover the artistic home décor for aeronautical enthusiasts – airplane-inspired wall art.   When decorating your living room, home office, or some other interior space, these aviation-inspired wall prints are all you need to add a touch of sky-bound inspiration to your décor. With a wide range of aeronautical wall art, it’s time to display […]

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Italian Custom Design Inspiration: Momenti

Here is a very young company, born in 2005 out of the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of Alexander and Matteo Bagnai, two brothers who wanted to push design towards the world of the arts. Momenti, originally a company of precious and handcrafted home accessories, has evolved through the years and is now introducing the unique […]