Designer Armchair Lud’o Lounge – Good Design Award 2020

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February 11, 2021

Eco Design

Discover the awarded designer armchair that is entirely recycled and recyclable.

Cappellini, an Italian designer furniture brand, and the innovative Lud’o Lounge designer armchair, created by Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola, won the 70th edition of the Good Design Award, the prestigious historic international award, assigned by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design in collaboration with the European Center for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies.

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A Tribute to Ludovico Magistretti

Innovative lines of Lud’o Lounge armchair are a tribute to Ludovico Magistretti to celebrate the 100th anniversary of this master of Italian design and the celebrated designer’s mentor. This playful armchair for its concept and its lines, is eco-sustainable and transformative, which goes beyond the boundaries of design to discover a new stylish way of living in the world of fashion. It can be dressed and re-dressed according to your wishes or the seasons of the year. A change of clothes of this armchair becomes a fundamental concept that creates a playful interior decor. With a simple gesture, you can take off the entire padded upholstery that covers the shell and replace it with completely new upholstery.

This colorful and relaxing armchair brings different chromatic impacts and diverse personalities in the interior, whether we are talking about stylish home settings or the scenographic impact it provides to the hotel and lounge bar settings.

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Entirely Recycled and Recyclable Armchair

The manufacturer emphasizes that the awarded Lud’o Lounge is entirely recycled and recyclable. In this designer armchair, each element, from the base to the padding, expresses a new creative way to give materials added value.

The rigid seat shell is made of 100% recycled plastic material and dressed in a soft and comfortable padded seat cover. The base of the armchair is available in these versions: a conical metal swivel base matte varnished in black; four solid ash wood legs (oak stained, wengé stained, or black stained), with four ash wood spokes (oak stained, wengé stained, or black stained).

As previously mentioned, the padded upholstery can be easily exchanged according to the season, the occasion, or simply your mood. The quilted upholstery is available in a selection of fabrics – from the casual nylon lining to the corduroy that incorporates the latest fashion trends or the soft bouclé wool that offers a soft and pleasant tactile experience.

Selected from 900 cutting-edge projects from major design companies from over 48 nations, by a jury made up of industry professionals from all over the world, the Lud’o Lounge won the award based on the following criteria: innovation, shape, materials, construction, utility, sustainability and of course design.

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“A Conceptual and Ethically Responsible Furniture Project”

“The Lud’o Lounge is a conceptual and ethically responsible furniture project, capable of living more lives. With a simple change of the padded seat cover, the armchair completely changes its look and feel. However, it is not a simple padded chair with a removable cover, it is, quite on the contrary, a “dressable” object, characterized by great comfort that represents an important chapter in the evolution of contemporary seating”, commented Giulio Cappellini, talent scout and creative soul of the company.

A success that further consolidates Cappellini’s image, which is increasingly recognized and appreciated internationally.

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