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Holiday Lighting Ideas for the Festive Home

Christmas holidays are approaching and with them all those lovely and sparkly home decorations. To make your home bright, cheery, and festive during the winter holidays, decorate the indoor and outdoor spaces with Christmas lights.

LED candles and fairy lights are a decorative and eco-friendly addition to the design scheme. brings you a few design tips for making your home shine with the lights of Christmas décor to spread cheer and joy. Have a look at these lighting design ideas for your dining room, living room, and other interior and exterior spaces. 

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Add some candles to your dining room table and fairy lights to your window decor.



LED Candles for Christmas Tree

Christmas LED candles are a wonderful and eco-friendly decorative lighting for a lovely Christmas, with the added value of being safe to use around busy homes. Simply, clip it to the Christmas tree in your living area or dining area, and with illuminated fairy lights and twinkling baubles, it would help you have a colorful and lit tree.

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Create a union of traditional holiday colors and contemporary candles.


Holly Wreath and Dining Table Lit with LED Candles

In the addition to the tree lit with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), place the candle on a holly wreath, thus creating a warm and romantic atmosphere in your home. Also, you can dress the dining table with these contemporary candles by putting them in a glass or a lantern and placing them next to every plate or as a centerpiece. Enjoy a peaceful hour in loved one’s company, taking in the warm glow of the flickering candles.

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Romantic Holly Wreath


String Lights Decoration Ideas for the Holidays

As an increasingly trending festive product for indoor and outdoor decor, fairy lights have steadily been introduced in many places around the home – interior rooms as well as garden, terrace, or balcony areas. Many people use string lights to wrap their Christmas trees and decorate banisters, walls, windows, doors or create lit centerpieces for the dining room table or coffee table in the living room, etc.

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Add string lights to your dining room and living room windows or balcony/terrace doors.


String lights are traditionally placed on trees, and nowadays, mounted on the windows and doors throughout the house, or on the walls in, for example, children’s rooms and bedrooms, thus creating a relaxed and inviting ambiance. Additionally, decorate the exterior area of your house, such as the porch, with mini potted trees wrapped in glistening fairy lights. These mini potted trees can be placed on either side of the front door or a couple of them can create a focal decorative point on the porch/terrace/balcony.

When your family comes together on Christmas day, you’ll enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of a fashionably lit home to complete the festivities, beautifully sparkling as you make this Christmas cheerful.

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Place Light Emitting Diodes on a dining table to create a romantic and festive atmosphere.


About the Brand

KooPower is an increasingly popular lighting brand worldwide, specialized in decorative lights for the home and garden. With a combination of practicality and design aesthetics, KooPower lights illuminate the indoor and outdoor spaces during the festive holiday time as well as all year long.

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LED Fairy Lights for Your Holiday Lighting Designs


Discover your artistic passion and inspiration by exploring a lovely lighting decor world.


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