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Bamboo Design – Designer Carpets Made of Natural Materials

Discover Bamboo Design, an eco-sustainable designer carpet collection made of natural materials and inspired by ‘fragments of travel’ and ‘instants of breathtaking views’.

After the Bamboo Shaded carpet and rug collection, Italian brand Carpet Edition collaborated with designers Emanuela Garbin and Michela Boglietti to create Bamboo Design, a line of designer carpets worked and carved so finely as to create beautiful three-dimensional designs, made of natural materials and inspired by iconic landscape images, and travel destinations.

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Hand Made Carpets

Like Bamboo Shaded that are produced by knotting on a loom, Bamboo Design carpets belong to the Italian company’s Hand Made catalog and are made of bamboo and cotton, natural materials that are welcomed in any interior. Their long process of manufacturing is articulated in a series of complex manual steps: after preparing the wire through carding, spinning, and coloring, this is tied to the frame to create a colorful carpet, rich in shades tone-on-tone; only later the craftsmen intervene with a careful and precise carving work, thanks to which it is possible to see sketched on the surface various designs inspired by the beauty of the natural world.

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Design Story about Beautiful Landscapes

Multidisciplinary designers Emanuela Garbin and Michela Boglietti are telling the story about ‘fragments of travel’, and ‘instants of breathtaking views’ through this designer carpet collection. Not surprisingly, each version of the product line Bamboo Design recalls a pristine landscape: Ground, with its warm colors and irregular lines, reminiscent of the wheat fields or the expanses of Earth warmed by the Sun; Iceberg, between geometric designs and gray tones, is inspired by the silence of the glaciers; Jungle, in which the three-dimensional texture reproduces the veins of the leaves, transports in unusual and green vegetation; Seashell, with its delicate semicircular carvings that evokes long beaches and the waves.

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Thanks to their creative collaboration with Emanuela Garbin and Michela Boglietti, Carpet Edition has been able to combine the value of artisanal production with the beauty of design, offering an elegant, precious, and eco-sustainable designer carpet collection. The choice of natural materials, in fact, in addition to having a low environmental impact and always ensure strength, versatility, and comfort, fully respects the ancient manufacturing tradition while meeting the needs of contemporary interior design style.

Only in this creative way it is possible to bring even in the most modern homes the charm of a traditional ‘know how to do’ united with modern design.

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About the Brand

Carpet Edition is an Italian company specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of artisanal carpets and design rugs, custom and to measure, with the showroom located in Brescia. From knotted carpets to woven and tufted carpets; from hand-made carpets to loom carpets, their designs adapt to any interior style, from traditional and classic styles to contemporary designs.



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