5 Easy Kitchen Interior Tips You Need to Know

You’ve probably been spending more time in your kitchen these past few months. Or maybe you’ve always enjoyed cooking and you’re feeling the need to mix things up. Kitchen decor can be tricky, as the basic outline of the kitchen generally cannot be changed without a massive remodel. With that in mind, here are 5 easy kitchen interior tips that will breathe new life into a busy space and won’t require a wrecking ball.

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Update your paint or stain.

When was the last time your cupboards were painted or stained? After a time, cupboards that are opened frequently can look dingy and get scratched or dented. Maybe your cupboards just look a bit dated? Or perhaps your appliances are newer and just don’t quite match the current cupboard colors.

It’s probably time for a kitchen cupboard facelift. Choose a color that matches appliances, your floor, and your walls. Bright whites are popular now with farmhouse style, but deep, rich tones are popular if you’re looking for a more classic atmosphere. Whatever color you decide on, first test it out on several cupboards and look at it throughout the day over several days if possible to ensure you love it and that it looks good in every type of light. Paint and stains can be tricky, and what works on one side of your kitchen might not work on another, especially if the lighting is dramatically different.

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Update your kitchen hardware.

Have you been eyeing a new faucet? Or maybe the new handles for your drawers? If you’re updating the color of your cupboards, now is the perfect time to update your kitchen hardware. Brass is rising in popularity, due to the beautiful contrast it can give with deep blues and greens. Whatever decorative style you choose, make sure you love it first.

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Improve lighting.

Is your kitchen lit by a single light? Or maybe you love the lighting in the kitchen, but your dimly lit pantry would be more functional with an extra lamp. Update your lighting, by installing simple under the cupboard lighting. Many different options are now available and many are motion-sensored which is perfect for a kitchen. Simple, battery-powered lighting in cupboards, pantries, and more can improve the functionality of your entire kitchen. If you’re looking for a more extensive update to your kitchen lighting, follow instructions as given, and call an electrician.

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Improve storage.

For some, this may be as simple as placing decorative boxes to organize teas or shelving for spices. For others, you may invest in professionally installed storage solutions for cupboards and drawers. Big box stores oftentimes have plenty of inventory in a wide variety of sizes that can help you better organize your kitchen.

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Plant some greenery.

From herbs to aloe, simply planting some greenery can improve the overall feel of interior space and make it more inviting as well. Plants improve air quality, but also improve the flavor of meals you cook. From cocktails to cakes, herbs like mint, sage, lavender, and basil improve the flavor and quality of your foods. Wow your guests with some incredible meals, cooked by yourself, and flavored with some plants on your kitchen windowsill or shelves.

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Kitchen redesigns are labor-intensive, so instead, update your kitchen with these 5 easy and creative ideas. You can improve the overall look of your kitchen for far less and make it an enjoyable place to be in for the years to come.

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Author Bio: Holly Clark is a freelance lifestyle writer. Her focus now is to help readers update their interior decor.

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