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October 29, 2020

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Touch of Nature (“Dodir prirode” in the Croatian language) liquid soaps are traditional, boiled soaps prepared from edible vegetable oils and potassium lye, diluted with softened water. According to the manufacturer, their basis is an old recipe, according to which soaps have been cooked in households for centuries while meeting all modern standards and regulations in the production process. The recipe is based on selected ingredients without synthetic chemicals. Soaps are enriched with pure essential oils that ensure a lasting pleasant scent and natural skincare.

These natural soaps are manufactured by blind and visually impaired people through the company Sfera Visia, which was founded by the Association of the Blind in Zagreb, Croatia. This social entrepreneurship project, with three employees so far, is planning on employing three more blind and visually impaired people in the first quarter of the next year. As they outlined, further employment depends on the sales of these products. All the sorts of soap Touch of Nature are manufactured from 100% natural ingredients, recipes for which are prepared by the manufacturing head Barbara Sajinovic, who had the following to say about the manufacturing of liquid soaps “Dodir prirode”: “This is a soap from the old times when soap used to be cooked in every household. It is manufactured from fresh edible herbal oils and potassium lye, enriched by natural etheric oils, which give it a permanent, pleasant scent and are naturally nurturing for the skin. This is the only real liquid soap available on our market without synthetic chemicals”.

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From the very first day, this social entrepreneurship project is supported by the City of Zagreb, and the Office for Expertise, Professional Rehabilitation, and Employment of People with Disabilities also joined.

Sfera Visia company, founded by the Association of the Blind in Zagreb, received financial help for part of the equipment from TIKA (The Turkish Agency for Cooperation and Coordination) in the amount of EUR 30,000 and the other part from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in the amount of EUR 20,000.

The main raw material for the production of soap is sunflower oil from Zvijezda sunflower oil. Zvijezda, the first Croatian food oil company, donated to the Sfera Visia the necessities needed for one-year soap production. The director of the Zvijezda plus company, Mr. Tihomir Adam, said at the production plant opening ceremony: “It is my great honor that we, the with our key product, Zvijezda sunflower oil, can give our support to social entrepreneurship and together with the Association of Blind Zagreb can participate in developing new possibilities for people with invalidity”. In order to open the production system, the Chief Executive of the Zagreb Association of the Blind, Goran Denis Tomaskovic has outlined: “Starting from today, in supply at our company we will have fresh liquid soap “Dodir prirode“ that is coming in packages in 300 ml, 500 ml, 1 l, and 5l. In the next year, we will employ three more people at our company.”


Touch of Nature – Lemongrass, Liquid Soap

This natural liquid soap is made from a mixture of sunflower, olive, and coconut oil. Its color is natural with no added colorings. Lemongrass essential oil gives it a long-lasting and pleasant scent and has a soothing, anti-inflammatory, and disinfectant effect on the skin with a negligible risk of allergic reactions. The soap is soft and creamy, rubbing it creates a rich lather.


Touch of Nature – Sweet Orange, Liquid Soap

Made from pure sunflower oil with the addition of turmeric powder which gives it a warm orange color and has a regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Sweet orange essential oil gives it a pleasantly sweet and refreshing scent, stimulates blood flow through the skin, and is extremely pleasing to dry skin. Soap is for frequent hand washing during the day.

According to the manufacturer, Sfera Visia, these liquid soaps do not contain synthetic surfactants, sodium lauryl / laureth sulfate, or any other detergents. Soaps do not contain parabens or preservatives of any kind but by cooking and quality control of finished products, complete saponification of the oil is achieved, which ensures their longevity and quality. Soaps do not contain ingredients of animal origin. They decompose naturally in the environment, which means that they do not pollute waters or soil.


“Soaps with Dots” Social Project Awarded with Global Contribution Award at the 2020 IPRA Golden World Awards

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“Touch of Nature” soaps is an upgrade of the project “Soaps with Dots” (“Sapuni s točkicama” in the Croatian language), for which the Apriori World public relations agency headed by Danijel Koletic, which has been cooperating pro bono for five years with the Zagreb Association of the Blind, has received the prestigious Global Contribution Award at the 2020 IPRA Golden World Awards, awarded by International Public Relations Association IPRA and United Nations. Namely, the project, in addition to its innovation, also meets one of the 17 goals of sustainable development of humanity set by the United Nations – goal 10 to reduce inequality. Soap with Dots provided a simple solution to an old problem. The revenue-boosting communication strategy for this social project involving the production of soaps with Braille dots encouraged the public to give this soap as a gift.


By purchasing these products, you are helping the employment and rehabilitation of blind and highly visually impaired people in the Republic of Croatia.

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