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Mirrors Reflect the Interior Design

Mirrors make a significant contribution to the interior design of the residential and commercial spaces, in the functional as well as in the decorative context. In other words, a reflecting surface can make your home or workspace more functional while making it look bigger and adding a decorative charm at the same time. Here are a couple of design tips on how to choose a mirror and where to place a looking glass in a room

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Function and Form of Reflecting Surfaces

Some activities that we do every day, such as applying make-up or getting dressed – would have an uncertain outcome when performed without the “help” of reflecting surfaces. Therefore, mirrors increase the functionality of the room, especially when it comes to the design of bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, entryways, and lobbies.

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It is important to mention the aesthetic role of these popular home accessories. Whether a mirror is big or small, with or without a frame, of geometric or abstract shape – it gives a certain charm to the interior.

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Tips to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

The room with large looking glass becomes visually more spacious because the mirror reflects the light thus creating the illusion of a larger interior. So, if you wish that your small home, office, or retail space looks bigger – reflecting surfaces and light tints of a cold color palette are a great way to achieve this design goal. 

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How to Combine the Style of Mirrors with the Decorating Style of the Interior

The decorative style of the mirror can be “blended” in the style of the interior, or it can be an eclectic addition to the room. For example, a looking glass with a richly decorated frame suits the classically-designed interior, however, in combination with minimalist furniture – sumptuous classic ornaments will complement the straight lines and simplicity of minimalism, thus creating the eclectic interior design in which opposites attract and highlight each other. In other words, when contrasting design styles are mixed and matched in the same interior space, their differences are complementary and create a unique and trendy home or office space.  

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Bedroom, Bathroom, and Living Room Ideas

Mirrors embellish the majority of rooms in the home and make them more functional. For instance, the mirror-fronted wardrobe is an increasingly popular ingredient of the bedroom design. One should also mention the looking glass as part of the dressing table or a decorative screen.

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In the bathroom, a mirror is a “condition without which we cannot” since it enables a wide spectrum of cosmetic activities, such as putting on the face cream or makeup, shaving, combing one’s hair, or hair-styling. 

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The decorative side of the mirror is particularly essential in the living room design. When choosing a large looking glass of an unusual shape or one with an attractive frame – it is advisable to set it as the centerpiece of the room and keep the number of objects around it to a minimum. To highlight it, even more, place it on the wall painted in a contrasting color, such as dark red or brown.

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The Beauty of Reflection and the Reflection of Beauty

If you place the flowers or a lovely painting across from the mirror – the reflection will double the beauty of the scene.

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The wall decorated with several mirrors brings a touch of luxury to any interior. For the best effect, it is advisable to pay attention to the positioning of the reflecting surfaces. Also, this is a splendid way to add some playfulness to the design, simply by choosing a few different but complementary mirrors.

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All in all, mirrors enrich the interior with the beauty of reflection – as well as with the reflection of beauty. Regardless of whether it is residential or commercial space – the interior decorated with a unique mirror becomes unique itself.

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