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September 29, 2015


Inspired by the creator’s vision, Gérard Faivre Paris transforms Parisian apartments and properties as ready-to-live works of art. Comfort, luxury and originality, this revolution has a name: Art Homes.

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The Art Homes concept consists of creating and selling apartments decorated by Gérard Faivre as works of art.

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To create an original work of art, Gérard Faivre takes his inspiration from the soul of each home. For Faivre, each place is simultaneously a blank page and a source of inspiration. Depending on the place’s atmosphere, the artist looks for the perfect decoration that he completes with pieces of art, tailor-made creations or vintage furniture.

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By selecting only prestigious addresses, designer sofas and masterpiece paintings, nothing is left to chance. Quality is a must and every single detail is chosen with the utmost attention. If furnishing is his passion, renovation is his strength. Transforming old apartments into prestigious homes is one of Gerard Faivre’s main talents. Beyond the decoration, he also chooses electronic equipment and home automation systems with careful attention. For Faivre, the cosmetic appearance is just as important as the practical aspect: an apartment is and should remain, above all else, a place to live.

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Between the time it takes looking for a property to acquire, then refurbishing and decorating, people often have to wait at least two years before being able to fully enjoy their new home. Gérard Faivre aims to reduce this process to a maximum of two months: this is the reason why his creations are ready-to-live in immediately. The idea is simple: it combines maximum pleasure with minimum trouble. GÉRARD FAIVRE PARIS offers the opportunity to move into an exceptional residence without the usual constraints, while also including a dedicated concierge service similar to the best Parisian five-star hotels.


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