Elegance of glass furniture

Izabela Ninic, Architect

September 28, 2015

Products & Materials

Despite being used widely, glass in interior design is often used as a decorative material and not as a functional part of the furniture. This is due to the prejudices about the fragility and more difficult maintenance of such pieces of furniture. To increase the strength of glass and its safety, furniture is produced with tempered glass. After the toughening process glass has increased impact and flexural strength, and when broken it breaks-up to small parts.


Quality glass is transparent and, when it comes to home decoration, it should be utilized to the maximum.

Glass dining or coffee table will emphasize the surrounding elements with its neutrality. Regardless of the selected design elements, the splendor of glass will bring a feeling of fineness, simplicity and comfort.


Glass dresser is a piece of furniture that will dominate. Contrast of a solid wall and decorative elements in relation to the translucent glass will create a strong visual impression. It is desirable to introduce an element of lighting onto this kind of item.


Freestanding glass shelving unit is recommended for a large space. Shelves need to be half-empty, so that every detail can came to the fore, and so that everything can form a harmonious whole.


Since combining materials and styles is trendy, introduce a glass nightstand into your bedroom.


The glass desk is an item of furniture that will perfectly fit into your living room. Visually unobtrusive, elegant and functional, as will equally match all styles of design.


Glass is also a decorative material so use it to decorate your walls. The glitter of a glass panel is an effect that would be hard to achieve with any other material.


Maintenance of glass furniture is very simple, and visual effects are unique, therefore introduce this interesting material without fear and prejudice!


Photo: Tonelli design

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