Travel Around the World in 22 Frescoes

Affreschi & Affreschi Press / Danica Maricic, Editor-in-Chief

July 19, 2015



“I still remember vividly that magic night in 1997 when a marvellous idea came into my mind.

I began dreaming about something considered impossible at that time: a slim and flexible wall on which you could realize frescoes for the creation of exclusive interior decorations.



Destination – Florence

At the beginning I had no idea how to achieve this and now I thank God for having allowed me to meet the right people at the right time and for having given me the enthusiasm, the passion and the courage to believe in my dreams.



Destination – Dubai

Imagination is, today, the place where I love to live.

Imagination is the place where the Dream starts to evolve, to take Form, Colour, Dimension, Music, Emotions. And everything we imagine will become real, because what we imagine already exists and lives in the heart of the Universe where for each dream a star lights up to help you bringing it into the real world. Believe in your dreams and never give them up, trust and welcome them with enthusiasm and in turn they will find a way to believe in you!


Destination – Singapore

We are extremely glad to present real masterpieces created by great artists and exhibited in the most important museums, art galleries, palaces and villas all over the world. We have maintained the style which has characterized our work for many years and has led our brand to become the most appreciated both in Italy and throughout the world.



Destination – London

I wish you can create with our frescoes the environment you always have dreamed of, where you can spend enjoyable moments with the people you love. I wish you can create an environment that can inspire you to dream the most beautiful things you could wish for, but the greatest art you could gain is the art of living those emotions that you find only in the little things of your daily life and when you learn to recognize them they will become great things. This is the only way you can gain the Ability to see Beauty where others cannot.



Destination – Japan

My wish is for you to become what you have always wanted to be – but always be yourself!

My wish is for you to always smile and to create many occasions for Giving and Sharing. And last but not least, I wish you can have the Wisdom to always expect the Best from your Tomorrow.” Dario Roselli


Destination – Sydney



Thanks to our highly skilled artisans, our special supports are fully hand-treated with plaster.

To guarantee a reality-effect and make our frescoes similar to the ancient frescoes, only high quality raw materials like gypsum, marble-dust and lime are used and up to 14 different components guarantee the flexibility, the resistance and the incomparable beauty of a unique final product. All this is possible only thanks to accurate research conducted by our RLD Department.


Destination – Easter Island



The artistic division is a real fervent design-lab where the requests of architects, designers and customers are fully developed and realized. Here the creative abilities of our artists can reach the highest levels combining traditional instruments, like pencils, with state-of-the-art technologies like specific software for computer development and simulation of the final outcome of each project.



Destination – Venice



In accordance with the new international regulation on copyright, artworks all over the world are now copyrighted and for this reason day after day we stipulate several license agreements with the most important museums, villas, palaces and art galleries where the most beautiful artworks of the world are exhibited.



Destination – Istanbul

All the projects we realize are protected by international license agreements which assure to our customers that our works are all realized pursuant to the law, which is more and more restrictive in the field of copyright. The works realized without license can be removed at the instance of the person concerned who is also entitled to claim for image damage.


Destination – Rome



Furthermore, in order to assure a rapid but certain delivery, our works are packaged in safe cases and thanks to our several international partners they are shipped all over the world and delivered in a few days.


Destination – Paris



The installation of our frescoes is easy and very quick. After having marked the fresco perimeter on the wall, you will brush this wall section with appropriate glue and then you will affix the fresco taking care of flattening its surface in order to eliminate air bubbles.


Destination – Venice



Affreschi&Affreschi is a world leader in its field also thanks to the participation in international fairs such as Made Expo, Heimtextil, Index Dubai, Abitare Il Tempo, etc.

Every year in these international events new collections and finishes are presented, making our company more and more innovative.


Destination – San Francisco


Destination – Shanghai



A wonderful series of catalogs, collections, exhibitors, sample cases, CDs etc is now available and allow you to present these exclusive products to your customers in a very professional way.


Destination – the World

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