VORWERK Press / Danica Maricic, Editor-in-Chief

July 22, 2015

Products & Materials

The success story of the luxurious carpet entitled Modena can be summed up with: constant reinvention through colour concepts that have always convincingly matched the times. This interior design element promptly made its mark when launched back in 1975. Since then the multifaceted colour spectrums for Modena have been setting the tone in upscale residential decor with a reflective eye towards current tastes. Design freely, whimsically and in imaginative combinations with Modena – that’s the essence of an eternally young bestseller and its glorious colours.



ABBA, Grease, disco, wheelie bikes and psychedelic pop culture: colourful, gaudy and fresh – factors that marked the start of Modena while making it characteristic for the ’70s look. When the ’80s arrived with breakdance, Falco and Miami Vice, with de rigueur overstyling and black & white furniture classics – that’s when Modena showed that it could be cool and striking, too. Recollections of the ’90s bring back Techno and Love Parades, Goth fashion and boybands, along with a variegated juxtapositioning of eclectic styles in design – from post-Memphis to the newly down-to-earth. Modena was equally mirrored as a sign of the times: alongside vibrant colours, reserved colour schemes in pastel hues had their own role to play. The new millennium brought the world a minimal and digital era. Internet and social media interfaced people all over the globe; everything was faster now, but nothing as certain as it used to be. The carpet classic as chameleon has also changed its colours in recent years, adding new attire’ that primarily reproduces colours found in nature. These natural shades are assuming an ever-greater significance in decorating, pressing their way into the interiors of our homes in contrast to the changing architectural exteriors. Spacious windows and rooms suffused with light bring nature closer to us. Its hues mark the shaping of islands of calm’ within our own four walls: the antithesis to the rapid pace, sensory overload and a widespread lifestyle based on no time to spare. What has evolved is a new quality of living and life at home.


That a carpet article has been able to set residential styles time and again over four so very different decades might well be this product’s central attribute. “In its keynote concept Modena was always an anticipatory confederate of the changing eras,” according to chromatic expert Prof. Axel Venn. The reason: the colours for Modena have been consistently composed as a multifaceted complex. The central chromatic pillars bestow identity while receiving support from a finely attuned surrounding spectrum. “Nothing is more conspicuous than colourfulness,” says Mr Venn, who goes on to add, “Modena has a palette of colours displaying impressive variety, including a staged orchestral super-structure in which the shades are co-ordinated using graduated nuances.” This makes the colours combinable not only with each other but even more so with the “symphony a room comprises” – furniture, windows, accoutrements, books and pictures. With Modena there are no limits to shaping and accentuating rooms. Accordingly the carpet reflects the increasingly popular freedom and independence mindset nowadays. Exhibiting a more extensive choice of colours than ever before, Modena enables more elbow room for individuality, freer design and stylistic splurges. Whether in highly expressive medleys or minimalistic statements – Modena inspires due to dynamic diversity.



Lying on the floor, romping with the kids, walking barefoot across soft carpeting… When it comes to a yen for cosiness and warmth at home, then carpets are a key convincer. It’s not by chance that textile floorings are currently experiencing a revival in the private realm and architecture on the whole; they correspond to an utterly human need for security and cocooning in hurried’ times. Modena responds by lending colourfulness to a room, enhances it by absorbing sound, and provides for a pleasing textile feel while relieving joints and preventing accidents. In short: Modena is a synonym for livability. Axel Venn is convinced that: “No other flooring product possesses so distinctly positive features related to human functionality than carpets. Design, diversity, individuality, quality of life, harmony and grace make Modena unique and future-capable.” Modena also fulfils yet another development stemming from recent years: the desire for health and sustainability in one’s own home. Vorwerk identified the trend towards ecofriendly production processes at an early stage and launched the crafting of materials that pose no risk to health. Among many other Vorwerk products, Modena is suitable for people with allergies and manufactured in compliance with the highest ecological standards.