Timothy Oulton spices up cooler days and darker nights with sparkling hot designs for Autumn/Winter 2015

Timothy Oulton Press

July 17, 2015

Products & Materials

Known for reinterpretation of classic designs through modern eyes and repurposing them into something fresh and exciting, the Timothy Oulton brand continues to expand their growing collections of authentic materials and true craftsmanship. A respect for the old is balanced with a healthy streak of innovation to create pieces relevant for a contemporary lifestyle. Only the finest materials are used, from South American leather to century-old wood reclaimed from English distilleries.


The new designs breathe new life and soul into four of Timothy Oulton’s iconic design themes; Metro, Age of Elegance, Adventurer and Cigar.


A perfect balance of classic and contemporary, Metro is a sophisticated collection designed with a nod to urban energy. Bauhaus meets 1940s industrial with Metro’s juxtaposition of cool, dark tones, sleek, polished pieces and eclectic decorative objects, while classic finishes and detailing retain an air of vintage.


Built with finesse, the Age of Elegance collection captures the glamour and excitement of the Jazz Age; a time of extravagant style parties and anticipation for a future full of promise. Lavish upholstery, edgy leathers and rich timbers combine with elements of Art Deco and English gentry to convey whisperings of an unforgettable era.


The Adventurer collection is inspired by an exotic yet thoroughly gentlemanly British hero of the Royal Flying Corps and his daring escapades and intrepid missions while the Cigar theme is reminiscent of a traditional 19th century English gentlemen’s club – an exclusive enclave where men would gather after a hard day’s work.


Tim about the latest pieces; “The new collections have a very distinctive energy that sort of radiates from within. The shapes and materials we’ve used are bold and dynamic, but they’re also cosy and inviting at the same time.”



Photo Gallery:Timothy Oulton spices up cooler days and darker nights with sparkling hot designs for Autumn/Winter 2015