Rooms for teenagers


April 10, 2015

Bedroom & Kids Room

Although sometimes “difficult” in socializing with the rest of the family, teenagers often have a multitude of original ideas. Teenage girls and boys are usually divided into two groups:those who like colorfulness and multitude of colors associated with creative order or disorder, and those who are prone to dark colors, fascinated by dark walls or dark furniture. A wall painted black or blue can be very freakish in combination with other elements of furniture and decorations such as posters, song lyrics, drawings or instruments on the wall.


Cheerful teenage rooms have a special charm.Everything a teenager wants in their room is permissible, because the objects and furniture style, which does not have to be unique, reflect their personality and current needs.

Instead of chandeliers, soccer balls can be hanged from the ceiling, and instead of an armchair or a sofa, in front of the TV you can place sports car seats that are ideal for socializing!


Along with the classic seating set and coffee table, and the application of fabrics and printed glass – according to the desires of the teenager, the room will get a genuine look. Corner for socializing is the most important part of a teenager’s room, for it is in this part that they can exhibit all their creativity. The integral part of these rooms are shelves for books and other important items.


Considering that in a teenager’s room almost everything is unusual, the shelves should also be like that too. Loose, irregular, organic shapes will fit perfectly into the concept of a youth room. Books that are in place, but seem scattered, will fit perfectly into the desired “look”. Deft design of shelves solves all the requirements – both teenage aesthetic and functionality!


Rooms of teenage girls are particularly interesting. In addition to the quirky, they are often decorated in romantic styles with using typical “female colors”. Yellow, white, orange or shades of pink, are perfect to complement the romantic atmosphere with the mandatory application of wallpaper, shaggy carpet, asymmetric shapes of furniture and unavoidable posters of their idols.


A “technical corner” is an inevitable part of the room.

Environment in which they learn, play and rest, should be arranged according to their needs in order for them to feel the maximum comfort and thus obtain the maximum efficiency.


Photo: Paidi

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