Bring the subject of trees into children’s rooms

Izabela Ninic, Architect

April 15, 2016

Bedroom & Kids Room

Wood, as well as materials that mimic the structure of the wood, are very trending. Although this topic is often used in children’s rooms, here are suggestions on how to do this in a new, modern way!

Apart from giving an atmosphere of warmth, wood is the material that will visually enrich every room, including the child’s room. In accordance with its nature it can create the impression of elegance, lightness or some unusual unique story.


For all those who want a unique atmosphere, created by the introduction of wood, we propose the introduction of rustic elements that date from the time of our grandparents. Rustic wooden chair, basket or a piece of wood that will be incorporated in a form of a beam will give a unique atmosphere to the child’s room. Wood can be painted or you keep the natural color. It is successfully combined with all kinds of materials, and the number of combinations is unlimited. Freedom of shapes and colors in details will give the child’s room an ultimate freedom and will encourage creativity!


The room will be enriched by the wood theme so as to connect the floor, ceiling and wall coverings in a single unit. This applies to the parquet or laminate, which can be painted in a trendy white color or imitate the natural structure of wood. This is an especially good detail for children’s rooms in attics, though it is easily applicable to other floors.


Connect the wood theme on the floors, walls and ceilings with simple pattern wallpaper. Such an expressive space needs simple items of furniture, while details can be colorful.


Linking samples of flooring with details of furniture is something you can’t go wrong with. It can refer to the bedposts, handles or other details. Discrete link with floor coverings will introduce the subject of wood in an unobtrusive way, so it is possible to emphasize other elements in space, such as an unusual appearance of wood or use of strong colors.


Wood as a theme will be highlighted in the compositions of furniture where only one surface will be made of such materials, and all other of other colors and structures. Most expressive will be the back of the shelf unit, because the vertical surfaces are visually expressive in space.


You can introduce the subject of wood in a simple and very expressive way by installing rustic flooring in the child’s room. Slats of parquet or laminate should be wide and with distinct wood grain. This flooring is extremely trendy.


No matter what you use as inspiration, the subject of wood will bring refreshment in the child’s room, and a touch of trend for all those who are prone to it!

Photo: Nidi

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