Time: space-saving shower box

Arblu Press / Danica Maricic, Editor-in-Chief

March 30, 2015

Bathroom & Spa

Time is the new space-saving shower box which adapts to any type of space.


The new shower box has a total opening system, both internally and externally, which allows access to the shower tray from the corner; in fact, the doors, which fold onto themselves, open up with a single gesture and gather towards the wall. Time is also ideal for open wall solutions for locations such as locker rooms or spas, for it allows one to make the most out of space occupied by showers. A simple gesture enables the closing of the box, giving way to a cosy and intimate space.


Time is also available in another version, designed with the focus on problems of disability, which is characterized by the division of the door in two parts, allowing the partial opening of the upper or lower part. The proposition is complete with a number of furnishing accessories, such as support handles, flush with the floor shower trays which, combined with the completely openable boxes, allow easy access to the shower. Time is a shower box with an aluminium frame, 190 cm in height and available in a white finish. It has a magnetic closure and can have 2 or 3 folding doors. Time means total flexibility.


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