Trends in garden furniture

Recent trends in garden furniture offer many solutions for relaxation and fun, satisfying at the same time the high standards of maintenance of such furniture.


The link between indoor and outdoor areas continues to be one of the basic guidelines for decorating outdoor spaces. Feeling of comfort is achieved by using a cushioned three-seater, sofa or corner seating.


Select furniture that is made from fabrics that withstand external conditions and can be easily washed. If the outdoor area is covered, you can use more sensitive materials. These kind of seating sets are enriched with colorful cushions.


Trendy colors of these elements are white, gray, all shades of gray-brown, blue and yellow. Coffee tables are usually aluminum, painted in trendy colors and designs are very diverse – round, rectangular, organic. They are very similar to coffee tables for living rooms so they can also be combined with each other.


Outdoor carpets have become very popular. Along with cushioned furniture, carpets are the elements that give the atmosphere of an interior space, because they negate the cold stone or ceramic tiles. Be sure to use carpets for outdoor spaces, because they will be durable and practical to maintain.


Minimalist expression with emphasis on metal handrails and legs is very trendy. The metal parts are mostly aluminum. Sets can be dressed in techno-rattan or pillows. These elements are suitable for smaller areas. If knitting is expressive, use calmer colors pad and vice versa.


Tabouret is a required element of exterior decoration. Knitting is trendy!


Dining outdoor spaces are visually very simple. Table construction is usually made of wood or painted aluminum, and tops can be made from teak, aluminum, stone or composite materials.


The most common colors of these elements are white, gray and brown. Chairs do not have to follow the style of the table. Chairs should have a lower backrest. Enhance them with decorative pads.


Place deck chairs, swings and similar elements on larger areas.


Use umbrellas, pavilions, canopies and awnings according to the available space. Every outer space should be enriched with decorative elements such as standing lamps, potted plants and table decorations. They can be a formalist or functional, but it is desirable that the colors are expressive – blue, yellow, shades of cyclamen and green.


Regardless of the amount of greenery in the area, be sure to introduce greenery into your outdoor space.


Photo: Cane line