Where past and present meet over and over again

Gorenje Press

March 31, 2015


The Gorenje Classico Collection with a strong designer imprint embodies timeless aesthetics fashioned on select materials, soft lines, and inspiring reliefs. Modern materials provide a home for advanced technologies and ensure the appliances shine equally in both modern and traditional settings.


Kitchen appliances of the Gorenje Classico Collection are a nostalgic fusion of the past and the present. A blend of classic aesthetics and modernism. A perfect choice of those who find it difficult to decide between traditional and modern. They are the right solution for a modern and aesthetically decorated home with a pronounced personal note.


The collection consists of a range of appliances with uniform design: an oven, several cooking hobs, free standing cookers with a width of 50 or 60 centimeters, and a kitchen hood. They share some of the visual elements like the knob, handle, electronic program timer and clock with classic analogue design.



Photo Gallery:Where past and present meet over and over again