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Bed as Bedroom Decoration

Whether it’s a classic, modern or rustic style, the bed will dominate the bedroom. When it is enriched with properly selected bedding and upholstery, a sense of comfort is inescapable. The game of decorative fabrics creates the possibility of frequent changes of atmosphere for those who are prone to trends. Read on and discover a few of the architect’s tips. 

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There are many stories about the bed and each individual should recognize or discover their propensities when choosing a bed. The intimate zone of the bedroom significantly influences the quality of our sleep and mood.

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Materials, Colors, and Shapes of Bed Design

The choice of a bed will be affected by materials, colors, and shapes. Some people are inclined towards upholstered beds because they love soft surfaces and will choose from a large number of decorative fabrics. These beds can get a special character by using legs in a different material – wood or metal with different surface treatments, such as stitched or trendy chesterfield design.

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And while upholstered beds create a modern atmosphere in the bedroom, wooden beds provide a much greater range of spatial atmosphere – classic, rustic, or minimalist. Wood as a material is suitable for experiments in design that are very suitable for vacation homes. A minimalist white wooden bed is an excellent base for a play of colors, materials, and textures in space. The headboard of this bed can become sculptural and very expressive, which requires a neutral design of all the other elements in the room.

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Back to nature is a hit, and a headboard made of raw laths or lacquered wood will be ideal for the warm atmosphere of the room. A wooden bed made up of raw planks is ideal for houses in the countryside, and in the garden, a deck chair made of boards will provide for a peaceful sleep in nature. The wooden stylish bed is eternal but does not tolerate frequent changes in the atmosphere of the space.

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Metal beds have an extremely romantic and refined expression, and can be executed in all colors. Pastel wall colors are recommended and trendy stripes and floral motifs make an ideal selection for bed linen.

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Match the Colors of the Bed and Bedroom Decor

Along with bed selection, the wall behind the headboard is also very important, because it has a major role in the overall experience of the bed, but also the room as a whole. Whether walls are painted, or covered with decorative paneling or wallpaper, it is necessary to carefully match the colors of the bed, bedding, and walls.

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A great choice of beds on the market will satisfy everyone’s needs, so let the game of colors and materials begin!

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Author: Izabela Galovic Ninic, Architect

Photos – Heimtextil 



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