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Guide to Styling Your Bedroom with a Colorful Boho Look

Noticed the Bohemian home trend & are wondering how to get this look? Looking to create a sophisticated & Boho-chic colorful bedroom, playful and inviting? Then check out this article of décor tips and enjoy creating your Bohemian-style bedroom décor.


Designing a Boho bedroom is all about having a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, letting your personality shine through with bold eclecticism and free spirit vibes.

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Add a touch of greenery to your interior space with a houseplant. The natural wooden headboard sets the feel-good vibe. Throw in a vibrant patchwork Kantha blanket to combine with the white walls and natural elements to create a quirky relaxed scene.

These colorful bedspreads are made with 2-3 layers of 100% natural cotton which have been quilted together with little stitches known as kanthas.

Handcrafted in small villages in India, each piece has imperfections only adding to the character of the bedroom.


Throw in a Rug

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Combine colors with textures by throwing in natural fiber flat weave rugs. Woven in tight, intricate braids, (similar to a handmade basket) in a range of earthy raw shades of sandy brown, often with bright accents to add a nice touch of color.

Layer in rugs for more texture and character. Combine the Scandinavian simplicity of an earthy jute rug by layering it with a colorful cotton rug with whimsical designs.

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Base layer rugs made from natural jute fiber are rustic and affordable; built to last for high traffic areas.



Patterns & Vintage Furniture

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Like texture, patterns are very important in boho décor. Mixing patterns with solid colors will bring visual balance. Have fun with Boho patterns like Ikat, Kilim, Tribal prints, Turkish, Moroccan, to name a few. 

Have an old wooden dresser in your attic? Incorporate a vintage furniture piece in the mix, something with “perfect imperfections” which you can refinish or drape with a dash of colorful raw textiles… Flaws can be beautiful!


Don’t forget sustainability!

decor by artisans in india,patchwork bedspread,colorful bedroom decor ideas,bohemian style decor bedroom,

Make a house feel like a home with things that tell a story of thoughtful craftsmanship. Buy artisan-made, ethically produced pieces to make living sustainable. Support small businesses and empower village communities, co-ops, share their love of crafts and heritage. 


Bringing It All Together

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There are no fixed rules when it comes to Boho-décor, it can be as eccentric & zany as you want it to be. You could just add a few wild patterns to a neutral palette or go all in… Boho interiors are perfect for achieving a cozy & inviting feel.

Happy decorating!


About the Author

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My name is Vidhi, founder of Ornate Handicrafts & Chief Handicraft Enthusiast! 

Ornate is a small business working closely with on-the-ground artists and weavers in Rajasthan, UP, Haryana, and other states in India to bring to the world hand-woven dhurries, fabulous throws, amazing home furnishings, and much more. 

It all began on a road trip in Rajasthan (totally grand Forts & Palaces!) a few years back. I was amazed by the creativity of the artists. They took an old door and converted it into a beautiful table, old patches of cloth stitched into a quilt or waste strands of denim into a rug. 

Rugs are typically made in villages that rely entirely on the seasonal employment of agriculture. Handmade rugs provide artists, especially women artisans, a means of living, provided year-round along with flexibility and independent income.

Ornate is all about bringing together the centuries of weaving tradition with contemporary design, attention to sustainability, and rural empowerment.

It’s been 6 years since I started Ornate. We are present on Etsy, a niche e-commerce platform for handmade products & our customers are loving us! Through our website & social media accounts, we are directly reaching customers globally with over 4000+ happy customers & 300+ 5star reviews. Below is the reference for our website. I design & interact with the artisans from the collective in the villages where our products are made & my brother handles the quality check for the finished products & is responsible for packaging & shipping the orders in a timely manner.

Started as a side hustle, my dream is to promote Indian handmade textiles worldwide!”



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