Timeless Design by Ochre


December 9, 2014

Products & Materials

Ochre`s unique collection consists of furniture, lighting and accessories with a strong emphasis on simplicity, honesty of form and proportion and fundamentally the use of high quality British craftsmanship.


Launching in 1996 Ochre has continued to design a collection of timeless and beautifully elegant furniture and lighting objects using unusual materials which are glamorous and luxurious.


Ochre Story

Ochre’s distinctive lighting and furniture has caused a stir ever since this design company began in 1996. The first creations were exquisitely crafted gessoed lamp bases, which were delicately coloured, water gilded and perfectly balanced. The recurring themes of Ochre’s work – proportion, texture, contrast and finish – were all in place.


The designers of Ochre are Joanna Bibby, Harriet Maxwell Macdonald and Solenne de la Fouchardière, all of whom share an aesthetic for the understated. Their work places equal importance on harmonious form, luxurious materials and matchless craftsmanship. Using traditional techniques within contemporary contexts, Ochre continues to create beautiful innovative design and custom products for a worldwide stage.



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