Prepare your home for the baby

Izabela Ninic, Architect

December 8, 2014

Bedroom & Kids Room

The birth of a baby is a special event for every parent, so it is no wonder that arranging a room for the new family member is done in a warm, cheerful and meticulous manner. Preparations usually start during pregnancy, and the final results depend on whether the new tenant will be a boy or a girl.


Regardless of the gender of the baby, the ambiance of the newborn’s room should be airy, well-lit with natural light with the possibility of complete blackout, and the furniture should be arranged so as to provide easy communication. Remove all unnecessary elements in the space. Use lightweight natural fabrics like curtains and blankets, which are easily maintained.


Innocence and cuteness are desirable characteristics of the baby’s environment, and are achieved by combinations of soft colors like white, cream, gentle yellow, peach – orange, light blue, light green, pink and similar. Furniture should be in a harmonious color relationship with the colors of the walls and fabrics, which creates a gentle atmosphere.


A very important element of the baby’s environment is the lighting. Besides the central lighting, make sure there are table or floor lamps, which can be moved around the space. Lamps with light dimmers are ideal for these rooms, because you control the brightness of the light depending on the time and the activities you perform. Never keep the lamp directly next to the cot.


Although colors and decorations are usually adjusted to the child’s gender, we must emphasize the fact that parents are the ones who will mostly consume the ambience of the baby’s room and therefore should not neglect their own experiences of this environment.


Photo: Paidi Moebel

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