A new bathroom

Izabela Ninic, Architect

December 10, 2014

Bathroom & Spa

Basic requirements for designing, decorating and equipping bathrooms are to make them large, functional and attractive. By selecting the design of sanitary elements and equipment and general way of treating the bathroom, you can make it minimalist, elegant or luxurious. Design depends on your preferences and the selected style.


The first impression of the bathroom should be of a sink and mirror, which can be standalone or integrated elements of a bathroom block. The mirror has an important role, because it can significantly contribute to visually enlarge the space. You will enjoy a new edition of your bathroom if you replace the existing mirrors with larger ones and add a new bathroom block or sink of an attractive design.


When choosing between a bath and a shower tray, opt for the one that will fulfill your needs, but also the free up the bathroom space. Shower stall with transparent glass is the best choice, because it does not close the space but divides it into functional zones. Rounded shapes of shower stalls and bathtubs will leave a more elegant impression of the space then the rectangular ones.


Instead of the closed bathroom cabinets, opt for a combination with open shelves. Although more difficult to maintain, it will significantly contribute to the visual impression of the bathroom. They can also serve to set up decorative items – scented candles, decorative packaging of bath salts etc. By changing the decorative items in the bathroom, you will change its general atmosphere.


Light the bathroom with intense lightning that will make it more spacious and glamorous. In addition to the mandatory central lighting, which can be set in spots over the entire surface of the ceiling, also place it over the sink, i.e. over the mirror. By installing LED lighting onto the mirror, you achieve quality lighting, but also decorative light effects.


Neat and functional layout of sanitary elements and equipment and appreciation of aesthetic rules, will affect the quality of the bathroom and the time spent in it.

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