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“Hello Kitty” Laminate Flooring Also an Attractive Wall Covering

With “Hello Kitty”, the Classen Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laminate flooring, is now exclusively adding a figure from the world of merchandising to their programme.

The figure ‘Hello Kitty’ is successful with grown-ups, children and grown-up children”. Therefore, there is now a ‘Hello Kitty’ flooring in a special design as a special edition of Classen laminate flooring. With the laminate mounting system “gekko”, an attractive wall covering can be instantly conjured up out of the “Hello Kitty” laminate panels.

“From the Japanese ‘Kawaii culture’, an aesthetic concept has developed which particularly emphasises innocence and childishness”, says an employee from Classen marketing. “Figures, such as ‘Hello Kitty’ have emerged from this culture – a concept which fascinates grown-ups, children and grown-up children alike. With ‘Hello Kitty’ laminate flooring, we have perfectly implemented the Kawaii concept ‘Made in Germany’ in cooperation with the licensor, Sario.”

Special Edition in High-Quality Laminate Flooring

Classen has implemented the figure “Hello Kitty” as a special edition in high-quality laminate flooring. Besides a high usage class and longer warranty period, the “Hello Kitty” floor is highlighted by additional sophisticated features, such as the 4:1 big board format and circumferential chamfers. For easy, fast and precise laying, also for inexperienced DIY enthusiasts, the floor is also fitted with the fast laying system, Classen megaloc.

The interplay of Classen megaloc with the gekko mounting system from Classen also enables the “Hello Kitty” laminate flooring to be easily continued on the wall.

The gekko mounting system is first prepared so that attaching the laminate panels to the wall is no more difficult than laying them on the floor. The panel is – as is typical for Classen megaloc – simply set into place and swivelled. And, as is usual with the megaloc system, the connection engages with a click.

This instantly gives an attractive and, above all, robust, “Hello Kitty” wall covering, which takes offence at nothing.

You can find the “Hello Kitty” laminate flooring and the “gekko” laminate mounting system from Classen in good hardware and specialist stores.



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