Artistic Interior Designed within Nature of Hong Kong

Located in the green area of Hong Kong, the Hillside interior design project by the luxury Italian brand Chiodelli was created as a meeting of man and nature.


Inspired by Oriental philosophy and design approach, the materials and environments are integrated with the surrounding vegetation, becoming a whole thing. Large sliding glass windows envelop the interior spaces, enriching them with all the beauty of natural light and opening up striking perspective views of the Clear Water Bay waterfront and wooded hillsides.


Antique Wood Meets Technology Creating a Comfortable Eclectic Interior

Extremely spacious, the living area has been divided into comfortable eclectic corners.

From the living to the dining room, passing through the wine zone, the combination of materials, shapes, and colors strengthens the design concept for an impressive result that scents of nature.

The antique wood of the furniture goes beautifully with the polished wood of the parquet floors and ceilings, meeting technology in the large wine cellar and between the grooves in the walls.


Interior Design Project between Art and Craftsmanship

Artistic Interior Designed within Nature of Hong Kong, Hillside Project by Chiodelli,

In the living room, the panels above the fireplace feature triangular geometries in natural colors that recall the origami technique. Like leaves moved by the wind, these decorations create movement and lead the eye toward the rest of the living area.

The gold and bronze metallic inserts give a contemporary edge by enhancing the wood shades, while the dark tones increase the intensity of the interior space.

Eye-catching green is all around, from the soft fabric of the sofas to the innovative backlit fireplace in translucent onyx. A chromatic approach reveals the Italian luxury furniture company’s attention to detail.

Artistic Interior Designed within Nature of Hong Kong, Hillside Project by Chiodelli,

Between art and craftsmanship, this Chiodelli creation is a tribute to the beauty and high quality. This is an example of how design can blend classic elegance with the charm of contemporary, enriching environments in a natural and unique way.


About the Brand

Each creation is an expression of the history and culture linked to the Chiodelli brand. A history deeply connected to the Venetian district of period furniture, recognized around the world, and which has preserved the skills and knowledge of creating art furnishings.

Chiodelli Press / Terzomillennium



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