How to Create the Perfect Kitchen for Entertaining this Christmas

Designing a functional and stylish cooking and dining area in your home is essential all year long, especially during holidays when these interior spaces also become the central area for entertaining family and friends. In this article, and UK brand Benchmarx Kitchens and Joinery bring you a few of the designer’s tips for getting the right kitchen design for entertaining at Christmas. 🙂 


Ruth Lavender, the design expert at Benchmarx Kitchens and Joinery, shares a few tips on creating the perfect kitchen for entertaining this Christmas holidays.

  • Kitchen Design – Thinking about Key Features and Small Details Alike
  • Entertaining with Ease
  • Food Preparations for the Festive Dinner Party
  • Functional and Stylish Dining Space in Your Kitchen for Christmas Dinner and Daily Meals
  • After-Dinner Celebrations


Kitchen Design – Thinking about Key Features and Small Details Alike

How to Create the Perfect Kitchen for Entertaining this Christmas,

Getting the right kitchen design for entertaining at Christmas requires forward planning to ensure your layout is perfectly placed. When thinking about key features and small details alike, it’s best to consider how you’d use the space, as this will help to inform your design.”

“Remember, a kitchen is for life, not just for Christmas, so it’s important to ensure that the space meets your needs all year round, as well as during the festive season. If you’re a regular host, consider how you may like to use your kitchen for dinner parties and get-togethers throughout the year too.”


Entertaining with Ease

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An island unit is the perfect location to host welcome drinks and exchange presents, as it offers a hub to display perfectly crafted beverages, along with space for family and friends to mingle while you continue food preparations.”

“Don’t have space for an island in your kitchen? Consider incorporating an informal seating feature, such as a seating nook. Building a small bench into the surrounding units can really maximize floor space and positioning a small table in front can create a truly versatile feature that will prove handy throughout the year. You don’t have to forgo storage either, you can integrate clever solutions beneath the seating and surrounding zone – a great place to hide presents in the run-up to the big day, as well as clutter that you’d prefer visitors didn’t see!”

kitchen with seating booth,kitchen for hosting with family,,british kitchen companies,dark blue kitchen ideasRegular hosts can also benefit from an integrated bar area or wine cooler. A central location avoids the inconvenience of guests rooting through the main fridge to locate drinks whilst you’re busy cooking or entertaining.”

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Food Preparations for the Festive Dinner Party

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“To guarantee Christmas dinner and other food preparations run smoothly, there is a range of features you can include into your design that will keep things organized and orderly. Internal storage and integrated appliances not only maximize space but keep surfaces clear of clutter too.”

Integrated carousels are excellent for convenience as they allow you to locate different utensils quickly without you having to scramble around at the back of the cupboards. Pan draws are another useful option as they provide the depth needed to store larger items whilst keeping them accessible, even amidst the busy run-up to a Christmas gathering. Make the most of every inch of your cupboard space with concealed drawers, pull-out wire shelves, and storage baskets too.”

Smart appliances are a great option to keep timings on track, as they can be controlled through a smartphone. If you’re busy getting yourself ready or opening presents but need to preheat the oven, you can even do so with the click of a button.”

Discreet dishwashers also help keep a kitchen clean and tidy with minimal effort. Even for modest spaces, there are slimline options that provide a great solution.”


Functional and Stylish Dining Space in Your Kitchen for Christmas Dinner and Daily Meals

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“If your dining space is in your kitchen, a good cooker hood is essential to remove smells and grease as you cook, so when you come to sit down for your Christmas dinner, you’re not left with lingering scents.”

“Innovations such as NEFF’s clear glass downdraft extractor are fantastic for a discreet look, as they don’t obstruct your view – meaning you can continue any conversations whilst tending to the hob.”

“I’d also recommend considering whether you’d benefit from a warming drawer. If you’re hosting a large group, warming plates ahead of serving can help keep food hot as you plate up.”

Pendant lighting above your dining table is a great way of adding focused illumination and making that Christmas table layout sparkle. It’s always a good idea to also think about other ambient forms of lighting to set the mood, such as plinth lighting and spotlights, for a sleek, layered look.”

“Make serving Boxing Day morning coffees easy by opting for an integrated coffee machine in your kitchen design. Some machines even allow you to enter your guests’ orders on your mobile device, and the machine will even start preparing the drinks – one less thing to worry about!”

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After-Dinner Celebrations

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“As the evening approaches, incorporating wireless speakers around your kitchen will keep guests entertained into the night. Smart technology such as Google Hub can be used to control both music and lighting, so you can easily change the ambiance from the convenience of your phone.”


Enjoy creating the kitchen of your dreams. 🙂

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