Furnishing Ideas for Relaxing Outdoor Spaces – Elements and Gandula

Leisure time spent in the garden, on the terrace or balcony, requires stylish and comfy furnishing solutions that are easily put together before use and stored afterward. Discover Elements – the modular furniture collection, and Gandula – a contemporary version of the typical Mediterranean deckchairs.


Elements – for Modular and Laid-Back Outdoor Spaces

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Elements by Oiside Design Studio is a modular furniture collection for the outdoors with a laid-back and informal style. With just a simple lifting movement, numerous easy-to-do combinations are at your fingertips.

A hidden clip fixed to the underside of the pieces keeps them in place. A simple and easy way to use the joining system that allows pieces to be reconfigured by simply lifting and separating them.

The design of Elements was developed in a technical way so as to allow different layout options for the modular furniture, resulting in a versatile and easily adapted format.,terrace design ideas,modular seating for outdoor,designer solution for outdoor seating,poolside furniture ideas,

With only three elements: seating, backrest, and armrest modules – any number of pieces can be shaped, from individual armchairs, chaise longues, and loungers, to two-seater sofas or whatever length and width sofa required. Its rectilinear angles and monolithic look contrast with the sensation of lightness that the recessed slider supports providing the base, and comfortable seating. With different height elements and the possibility of customizing in contrasting color tones, landscape-like compositions can be easily created.

The textiles for the different modules belonging to Elements can be customized, like with the color choice for the side tables, the structure of which is available in aluminum board in any RAL card color.


Gandula – Contemporary Version of the Typical Mediterranean Deckchairs

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A more up-to-date version of the typical deckchairs that are commonly seen within the Mediterranean landscape. The deckchairs are made from harder-wearing materials and with an improved design.

With individual or double versions, the Gandula foldable deckchairs can be fixed in four different positions for the reclining headrest. Also, they include a lock that prevents the frames from suddenly slamming shut.

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The collection is named after the popular term in Spain for this type of seating, common around the Northern Mediterranean region, which literally means lazy or leisurely. Maintaining the essence of the original traditional design, the Gandulas by Oiside Design Studio include lightweight materials that are more resistant allowing them to be kept outdoors permanently.

The frames are available in aluminum, iroko timber, or indeed a combination of both. The high-tech fabrics used instead of the canvas are a type of mesh meaning that they can breathe and avoid the ‘sail effect’ blow-out. The furnishing collection is completed with a side table and a support wall stand that allows for up to 4 deckchairs to be stored in a surprisingly small area.

The colors of the fabrics and the frames can be alternated with wood at certain points and can be selected in any combination required.

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