8 Summer Garden House Ideas for Year-Round Enjoyment

A stylish and practical space for relaxing, entertaining, reading, working, creating your artwork – comes in the shape and size of a small garden house. Discover eight summer garden house designs that bring year-round enjoyment.


An outdoor British classic, the summer garden house is an essential element in gardens across the UK as a functional and stylish way to construct an additional living space year-round.

Outdoor space for relaxing, entertaining, and retreating to; this tiny house can be designed as a grown-up’s or kids’ playroom, reading nook, additional living room or dining room, an artist’s studio, or a home office – with a lovely garden view.

For a creative summer house inspiration, take a look at how a Green Retreats garden building can make the all-weather and year-round summer house.


Garden Bar

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Imagine enjoying a warm beverage during cool months or an ice-cool drink during warm months after a busy working day. Delicious, right? The place is your very own summer house that doubles up as a garden bar. Furniture in vibrant colors adds up to this entertaining atmosphere.


Reading Retreat

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Design your summer house as a reading nook to enjoy your favorite books daily. Your own literary space in which you can focus on reading and relaxing. A cozy sofa or a chair, coffee table, shelves for your home library, a few decorative accessories, and all is set.


Incorporate a Shed – a Storage Space

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Love the idea of a relaxing garden house retreat, but also need a lot of storage space? The storage solution for garden tools and kids’ toys is the addition of a practical storage area accessed through a separate door. That way, you have a shed as a storage area and a summer house interior as a socializing/relaxing area.


Shady Cabin for Sunny Days

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A tiny house in the garden is also a place to seek shade when it’s too hot outside. Choosing large doors and windows spanning the front of the building still allows you to enjoy the best of the weather and lovely views of the flowers and greenery.



Garden Building in Contemporary Style

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Give your summer garden house a contemporary look with the combo of graphite and sleek cedar cladding. Large sliding doors and a full-length picture window connect the outdoor and indoors seamlessly.

Also, the addition of the golfing green brings this fun outdoor activity to your very own backyard.


Outdoor Living and Dining Room

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Make this garden room a real extension of your home by creating an additional living or dining area. Place a cozy corner sofa or a dining set that all the family can gather around. Great idea for hosting family & friends night cinema screenings – just grab the popcorn, snuggle up in a blanket and you’re all set.


Teen Den

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Growing families also have a growing need for space, and a garden room can be a great solution. Turning a summer house into a teen den will give the kids a space of their own – to enjoy it with friends.


Creative Studio – Unleash Your Artistic Passion

8 Summer Garden House Ideas for Year-Round Enjoyment,,

An artist’s studio garden house is a colorful place surrounded by nature to inspire your creative business or pastimes. Whether it’s sewing, writing, painting, designing, or any other artistic activity – a dedicated creative studio will let you unleash your passion.

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