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Top Office Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Architects and designers around the world are planning and redesigning how offices should look and operate. Here are the top office design trends for 2022.


The events of the previous 24 months have changed our outlook on life as we knew it. We are living in uncertain times that have shifted our mode of operation in all aspects. Due to the health concerns associated with office sharing, the workplace has had to bear the brunt of this shift. 70% of companies in the U.S could adopt a new style of operating, the hybrid approach, according to a report by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The hybrid style entails having employees combine time in-office with working remotely.

Architects and designers around the world are planning and redesigning how offices should look and operate. Companies are undertaking massive office overhauls to adapt to the new normal. Here are some of the design trends that you can look out for in 2022.


Focus on Comfort

Adopting a hybrid approach has changed the whole purpose of having an office. People have slowly grown accustomed to working in the comfort of their homes. Rather than being a place where workers report every day, offices have become corporate centers meant to spur creative connections. Workspaces in 2022 will prioritize interior designs that make employees feel a sense of coziness.

Redesigning furniture and focusing on a well-designed office fit-out is a solution that will help employees feel motivated and boost productivity. Custom-made furniture and fittings, statement pieces, brand elements on the walls, mood lighting, and feature colors are some of the ways to achieve a contemporary office fit-out. Employees will feel enthusiastic and motivated about working in a space that is attractive and functional. Collaborate with trend designers, researchers, and experts for cutting-edge results in your workplace.


Functionality is Key

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There is no doubt that desks are one of the primary components of an office, and an appropriate choice of desks will ensure comfort for workers. With the flow of people reporting to offices constantly changing, office furniture will be more adaptable. Desks and chairs should be easily movable for thorough sanitizing and provide the flexibility to be moved around from one position to another.

Desk partitions are an excellent solution for allowing employee privacy, especially in open-plan offices. Aside from helping employees avoid distractions and speed up their output, they can also contribute to the beautification of the office environment. There are various designs available at that can add to the aesthetics and functionality of the working space.



Office Partitioning

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Office designs are constantly shifting gears as our business requirements change and innovation takes center stage. Not so long ago, we were all about open-plan offices, and then we later got to the modular office before moving to zones. Companies are now switching to movable office partitions walls, a trend that will even become more popular in the coming year. Partitioning an office using relevant designs makes it easier to create cubicle spaces and sub-divide an open space. It is also budget-friendly since most businesses may not be able to acquire expansive open office spaces.

A company that uses partition walls will still offer workers the ability to work in individual workspaces as effectively as the private rooms used by larger companies. The advantage of using office partitions is that they provide a tremendous amount of flexibility for businesses. One can reposition them to accommodate changes in office furniture.

Partitions are available for all kinds of office requirements and budgets and come in different types and sizes. A popular partition design that you may have probably come across is the type that extends from the floor up to the ceiling. These kinds of partitions create extra room and are ideal for creating private spaces for conference rooms.


Partition walls come in various materials such as:

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  • Glass
  • Wooden laminate
  • Gypsum drywall
  • Glass panels with aluminum and metal frames.

Glass panels are highly preferred by many office owners thanks to their ability to boost the appearance of natural light. Tip: Use a transparent glass partition to create the illusion of more space than there is.

If you are looking for inspiration to modernize your working space in 2022, is a great place to start. Discover a wide range of trendy design ideas such as contract furniture, lighting, and decor that will help you redesign your home office and office space.

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Author – Adam Fenbury

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