Holiday Decor

Lights and Charm of Rustic Holiday Table Decor

Ornate your holiday dining table with charming rustic décor, festive baubles, and sparkling LED lights.


The beauty of holidays is about time cherished with friends and family, enjoying warm moments of togetherness, and creating lovely memories. UK brand Lights4fun suggests dressing your dining table in charming rustic décor this Christmas. Here are a few decorating ideas.  


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How to Add a Creative Touch to Your Holiday Table

Start with rustic wooden table and chairs, add wooden placemats and coasters, ceramic plates and bowls, linen napkins, and make everything sparkle with golden glass baubles, star decorations, and LED candles. Spread midwinter charm and add a creative touch to your holiday table.


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Welcome your guests with personalized place settings and decorative lights by their plates. Place handwritten name cards on rustic wood or cream crinkled paper to deliver a calming design. Illuminated baubles add light and warmth to the table setting. To ornate the dining chairs, tie a festive midwinter bough to the back of a chair with a velvet ribbon. The beauty of branches, leafs and pine cones adds a natural and rustic feel to your home decor. Above the holiday table, create a décorative “canopy” by joining greenery and LED fairy lights.


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Spread the Rustic Ornaments and Decorative Lights through the Dining Room

Garlands and wreaths are a great addition to holiday decor, placed around banisters, on a mantelpiece, or hanging elegantly on an interior door. Pairing faux foliage with natural elements, such as the wooden star decoration, creates a trendy midwinter look.


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The finishing decorative touches are the frosting when it comes to ornating the home for the winter holidays. Entwining greenery in fairy lights brings an instant festive atmosphere and twinkling glow. Add mini Christmas trees to windowsills and side tables to extend the festive display through your dining room. Place as many decorations as your heart desires – it’s the holiday season.

Decorate your table ready to dine in style this Christmas.


Photos by Oliver Perrott




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