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How Interior Lighting Enhances the Beauty of Home Decor?

Interior lighting plays a pivotal role when it comes to interior design and home decor. Lighting affects the ambiance and size perception of the room. Read on to know more!


Significance of Lighting in Interior Designing


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Both natural and artificial lighting is vital to enhancing your room’s tone, texture, and colors. The lighting can make the mood of the room. It can make a room appear bigger or smaller as well. You can apply the interior lighting to provide an aura and definition to the room.


It will help if you put warm, soft lights in a room with a pastel color palette. Bright LED, fluorescent, etc., can be placed in a room with vibrant colors. You can highlight any corner of your interior design by putting a glare on them. You only need to work out the electrical wire and cable connection with your electrician.



Impact of Lights on Human Feelings


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The effect of lighting on human emotions is proven through various studies over time. Mood lighting can make you feel more romantic and relaxed. Bright lights can energize your creativity and potential. Blue lights make you feel alert and enthusiastic. Lights also affect your appetite.


Ever wondered why restaurants often keep dim interior lighting? Because you eat more in dim lights! Apart from artificial lighting, natural lights are also known to make people happy and assured.



Alignment of Home Lighting & Home Décor


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The combination of design elements & lighting can work only if it is aligned together to complement each other. Let us look at the main aspects which go hand in hand!


Color Coordination

Whenever you walk into a room, you make a perception of its size. But actually, the perception of the room size depends on its wall colors and lights. A dark color theme will make a room look smaller than it is. In contrast, pastel shades give an illusion of a bigger space.


Lighting Direction

Certain lights are meant for the whole room. And other types of lights are placed to highlight a particular element of the home decor. Such lighting is called directional lighting. Track light can put a soft glow on any artifact. Recessed lights can put downward focus on the floors. A lamp can beautify a small corner of your room. Thus directional lightings are essential to enhance the hard work put in by you in the interior design.


Purpose of the Lighting

Apart from being beautiful and defining, interior lighting needs to be functional as well. There are 3 types of function-based lighting – accent lighting, ambient lighting, and task lighting.

Accent lighting enhances the feature of the flagship element. It can be a picture, texture of the wall, or any curated corner of the home. Ambient lighting provides ambiance and mood to the entire room. Celling fixtures and chandeliers are examples of ambient lights. Task lighting put a focus required for a specific purpose. There are many forms of task lights available, such as a lamp on a writing table, cabinet light, bulbs on a vanity mirror, etc.



The dark color and dark lighting both are more suitable for a large room than a small room. To make a small room appear more extensive, you need to bring in natural lights. Also, a room full of furniture will not give enough opportunity to light to create an ambiance. So it would be best if you chose interior lighting depending on the space availability.



The Bottom Line!


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Interior lighting is given considerable weightage in commercial spaces, but home lighting is still underrated. We hope that information mentioned above will make you aware of the importance of lighting. If your home interior’s design and tone are synced with the lighting, its beauty increases tenfold.



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