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6 Smart Tips on Blending Smart Home Technology and Home Décor

Enjoy the best of smart home technology as well as the interior aesthetic of your home. The way ahead is blending.


Whether your home is traditional, rustic, or country chic, you can easily blend trendy smart home technology with your home decor. Blending takes an eye for detail and careful planning. Pay attention to the following design tips on how to blend smart devices, and you’ll be well on your way to the perfect home with a tech twist.


Design Tips on How to Blend Smart Home Technology and Your Home Décor

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Coordinate the colors

When it comes to smart technology, you have an ample number of choices in terms of size, shape, design, and color. So, it’ll not be difficult to find a smart device that matches or blends with the color of your walls, front door, or doorknobs to make it less visible.


Invisible tech is your friend

Invisible technology allows you to add all sorts of custom controls to an app on your Smartphone. For example, with the control system on your Smartphone, you can control the smart lighting in your homes to set the mood and ambiance.


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Hide the wires

Going wireless is the popular solution when it comes to blending technology and decor. For example, choose wireless security cameras, speakers, and WiFi over their wired counterparts. Create a smart home hub where all your smart devices are wirelessly connected and you can control it all through an easy-to-use home automation app.

Some other tips to hide your wires are:

Hide them behind crown molding

Buy hollow baseboards that are built with cabling in mind

Match the cord color to the baseboard and run it as close to the floor as possible


Can’t hide the device? Then balance, or mask it

 If you cannot hide a smart home device, balance the look and feel of it. For example, placing a smart metal device on a warm wooden bookcase creates a balance between the two styles. However, take care that you don’t put too many devices on that single countertop; otherwise, it might look off.


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Go bespoke

Whatever smart technology you want to invest in, each of these systems can be custom-designed to fit in your home. You don’t need to create a separate shelf or storage space for it. 


Select Statement Devices

As smart home technology is becoming popular, more and more companies are getting experimental with the design of the devices to make them not only functional but look good too. Some devices can be wall or ceiling-mounted to occupy less space. An example is a pop-out wall outlet. It can be pulled out when you need to plug in the device and can be tucked away in the wall when not in use.

Making your home smart doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the aesthetics. Incorporate these tips to make your home smart and beautiful.


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