8 Aviation-Inspired Décor Ideas

Discover the artistic home décor for aeronautical enthusiasts – airplane-inspired wall art.


When decorating your living room, home office, or some other interior space, these aviation-inspired wall prints are all you need to add a touch of sky-bound inspiration to your décor. With a wide range of aeronautical wall art, it’s time to display your passion for flying in full view. Find the style of plane-inspired wall art that’ll suit the decorating style of your residential or commercial interior.


Contemporary, Vintage, Trendy Wall Art

Living in Luxury – a Print of a Private Jet in a Contemporary Living Room

Radiate a life of luxury with a print of a private jet. Choose a multi-panel piece of wall art that depicts a sleek plane flying high in the sky. This photorealistic print is perfect for those who are looking for wall art to match a chic, contemporary interior design.

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Window with a View

Create a room with a view. This piece of wall art unites a nature print and plane-inspired art, stylishly portraying both worlds. Give the illusion that you are inside a commercial aircraft with a scenic window view. Look for prints that showcase scenery that complements your interior color palette.

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The Function of Flight – a Vintage-Inspired Wall Art for a Cool Home Office

Looking for a vintage-inspired print for your timeless space? Try a piece of patent wall art. This style of wall art mimics the look of a retro blueprint. Ideal for your home office, the subtle industrialism looks effortlessly cool.

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Trendy & Tropical Island Scenery for a Relaxing Interior

Tropical prints are trendy and create a relaxing interior. Add palm tree-style designs throughout your living room space, and decorate with light tints like white and ivory. Opt for a tropical piece of wall art with a compact prop plane in full view. Your guests will admire the island scenery and the aeronautical touch.

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Minimalist, Urban, Retro, Industrial Décor


Minimalist designers can incorporate aviation-inspired décor too! Pair your modern minimalism with a contemporary print in black and white. Look for artwork that incorporates striking lines and basic patterns in addition to the aeronautic subject matter. A multi-panel print will add a hint of artistry, while the white and black combination will add a stunning touch of simplicity.

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An Edgy Point of View

If you prefer décor with an edge, look for a print that utilizes unique angles. Opt for a piece with metropolitan scenery and a plane silhouetted in the background. Utilize neutral colors and unfinished wood to match your edgy print.

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Bright & Retro – Little Yellow Airplane

Take a playful, joyful approach to your home interior and add a splash of retro décor. Choose an illustration of a little yellow plane to warm up your living room space. Accessorize with bright, vintage details, and don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors.

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An Industrial Style for the Home Office

For a more industrial style, go with a classic bird’s eye view of a busy airport. Complement this airfield-inspired print with concrete floors and modern details. Utilize metal accents like stainless steel and brass to complete the look.

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It’s Time for Takeoff!

Aviation can make for a stunning subject when it comes to interior décor. Fill your home with aeronautical details while still maintaining your current aesthetic. Elevate your space by showcasing your passion. Apply these design tips and tricks for an interior that really “takes off.”



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